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Hiking Trails Near Rush County 

November 17th is National Take a Hike Day. While you might not pick Indiana as a hotbed of great hiking, we have plenty of places to hit the trails. Here are a few that are located relatively close to Rush County:   Heading north to Summit Lake State Park, you’ll find several moderate to easy […]

Exercise Reduces Risk of Dementia 

Some of the best news to come out of recent research is the discovery that exercise can reduce the risk of dementia in those with a family history of it. In fact, researchers can now estimate just how much exercise is needed to make a difference.  How many steps make a difference? Recently, researchers in […]

When Will We All Be OK? Stress, Trauma and Covid-19 

In a recent survey, the American Psychological Association found that 63% of respondents said their lives had been permanently changed by the Covid-19 pandemic. Not all of these changes are changes for the worse, as 51% of respondents said that their life was merely different, not any better and not any worse.   These results […]

Add Your Pharmacist to Your Healthcare Team 

If we use the same pharmacy for all of our medication needs, over time we can build a relationship with our pharmacist.  If we keep him or her informed about our medical conditions, we’ll have added a valuable member to our healthcare team.   Here are a few of the services that a pharmacist can […]

Whip Up a Cold Smoothie for a Light Summer Meal 

Smoothies are cold, creamy, and nutritious options for a light meal on a hot day. It only takes four types of ingredients to make a smoothie: a liquid, something creamy, a fruit or vegetable, and a thickener. Seasonings and sweeteners are optional.   As your liquid, try milk, water, juice, coconut milk or almond milk. […]

Surprising Household Poisons 

Have you ever wondered if some of the common substances you have around the house might be poisonous to children? Here are a few things you might not suspect:   An overdose of dietary melatonin supplement can actually be fatal for children.   Less than a fifth of a teaspoon of eye drops or decongestant […]

National Brown Bag-it Day 

May 25th is National Brown Bag-It Day. Packing your lunch can sound like a great idea in theory, but it isn’t always easy in practice. It takes planning, preparation and time you may not have. Brown bag lunches can also get pretty boring if creative meal prep isn’t your thing,   Here are a few […]

5 Tips for Managing Carsickness

If you’re one of the miserable few who gets car sick, life can seem terribly unfair. While everyone else is enjoying the scenery or buried in their Kindle, you’re counting the minutes until the trip is over. Here are five tips to help prevent carsickness, or at least keep you more comfortable. If you’re going […]

Why Take Your Bp at Home?

Some patients take their blood pressure at home because they’re worried about their health. Others take it because they just want to keep an eye on things. Most people do it because their healthcare provider has asked them to create a blood pressure log or written record of their blood pressure over time. Here are […]

Questions to Ask Before Leaving the Hospital

When patients leave the hospital, especially after staying for a few days, they may be more focused on getting home than they are on taking care of themselves once they get there. It’s easy for them to forget the questions they should ask before leaving the protected environment of the MedSurg floor. These questions include:   […]