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Hearing Loss Ups Dementia Risk

Hearing loss can come at any age. Many people don’t realize that when it arrives in midlife, it increases the risk of dementia in later life. The greater the hearing loss, the greater the risk of dementia. People who have mild hearing loss in midlife have twice the risk of dementia of those without hearing […]

What Our Doctors Need to Hear

We all have things that we look for in a healthcare provider. At the top of most peoples’ lists is a provider who is a good listener. We rightly assume that someone who takes the time to listen to us will probably also take the time to care about us and think about what we […]

Why Are My Fingers Tingling?

If your fingers start to tingle, and eventually go numb or begin to hurt, you may have carpal tunnel syndrome, a condition of the median nerve. The median nerve is the nerve that travels down your arm and through your wrist to your thumb and first three fingers. What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? Your wrist […]

Picking a Diabetes Management App  

There are so many diabetes management apps on the market that it’s tough to know which one to pick. You can find articles that list the “top 10” or “top 6” apps, but it’s often impossible to know what criteria were used to rank the apps. Instead of looking for the “top’ apps someone else […]

Is Dense Breast Tissue a Problem?

It’s easy to get alarmed when our mammogram report contains information we don’t understand. One term that appears on a lot of mammograms is the phrase “dense breasts”. What does this mean? Is it a good thing or a bad thing?  In order to understand what a “dense breast” is, it helps to know what breasts are made […]

Best Foot Forward with Diabetes 

Uncontrolled diabetes can damage blood vessels, especially in the feet. When blood vessels get blocked, nerves in the feet begin to die. When this happens, a feeling of “pins and needles”, pain or numbness results.  Numbness may not sound like a bad thing, but it can be very dangerous. Pain lets us know when we’re […]

Measles by the Numbers 

When a new and deadly disease shows up, it’s natural to be frightened. We wonder if we or our loved ones will catch it, and if we do, will we survive. Before the invention of the measles vaccine in 1964, people felt this way about measles. The disease was so widespread that almost all children […]

Viruses vs. Bacteria: What’s the Difference?  

What do rabies, the Spanish flu, polio, Ebola, measles and smallpox all have in common? They are all caused by viruses.   What do Bubonic Plague, leprosy, tetanus, botulism and syphilis all have in common? They are all caused by bacteria.   What is a virus? What is a bacterium?   Obviously, both bacteria and viruses […]

Cold Weather Complicates Diabetes Management

When cold weather hits, it has an effect on diabetes and on diabetic medications and equipment. Some of these complications are due to changes in human behavior and some are due to the cold itself.   When the weather is cold, people tend to stay indoors more and exercise less, which can cause blood sugars to […]

Healthcare Guide to Nail Treatments

Nail care, like hair care, is one of the crossroads where health and beauty meet. There are many different nail treatments and each has its pros and cons. While this list is by no means complete, the most common treatments include traditional polish, Soft and Hard Gel Coats, Dip Powder Coats and Acrylic Coats. Here […]