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Flu Facts Q and A

What is it? The flu is a contagious respiratory virus. How do you get it? by touching someone who has it by kissing or sharing a drinking glass with someone who has it by breathing in droplets of air that contain virus particles by touching something that was touched by someone who has it and […]

What are your core muscles and why do they matter?

References to “core muscles” are popping up everywhere in fitness articles and among exercise gurus. But what are core muscles and why do they matter? Your core muscles include the muscles in your lower back, your abdomen, your sides and your pelvis. These are basically the muscles around your trunk. Core muscles are where most […]

Coping with Hot Flashes

Is your spouse pulling up the covers while you’re kicking them off? If you’re a woman between the ages of 40 and 50 (and in some cases even younger) you may be experiencing the onset of menopause. In menopause the levels of estrogen in your body drop. This decrease is thought to cause hot flashes […]