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Under-Desk Treadmills Lower Heart Risk

All else being equal, workers who spend most of their days sitting have a 34% higher chance of dying from cardiovascular disease when compared with workers who spend most of their day standing or walking. Occupational Sitting Time, Leisure Physical Activity, and All-Cause and Cardiovascular Disease Mortality | Public Health | JAMA Network Open | […]

Why “Eat the Rainbow”?

Eating the same color of fruits and vegetables every day is like living in an all-white house, wearing beige every day or listening to the same song fifty times. Something is always missing. In this case, what’s missing are phytonutrients. Phytonutrients are nutrients that come from plants. Many of them are also pigments, which means […]

Coffee Perks Up Your Health

Unlike many of our favorite foods, coffee isn’t just delicious, it’s also healthy. This is good news for coffee drinkers, who make up over half the world’s adult population. It also isn’t surprising, given that coffee is a natural plant food made from beans. If you feel bad about the coffee you drink, don’t worry. […]

Low-fat Heart Health Diets Challenged

What if heart healthy eating isn’t what we think it is? What if we can eat whole fat cheeses and yogurt, moderate amounts of unprocessed red meat and other foods high in saturated fat without putting our heart health at risk? If this sounds too good to be true, it could be because it is. […]

The Downside of Eating Out

Despite the high price of eating out, only half of Americans regularly cook meals at home. Whether they don’t know how to cook, they’re too busy, or they just don’t want to cook, people often overlook the downside of eating out. Eating out means giving up control over our food. You don’t get to choose […]

Frequent Movement Helps Manage BP and Blood Sugar 

Timing seems to be everything these days, in fitness and in nutrition. When you move and when you eat can make a big difference in impact on your overall health. This applies to extended periods of sitting as well.  The American College of Sports Medicine recently published research on how often people should get up […]

Cranberries: Good Eating All Year

Cranberries are the tart, red, marbles of the food world. They are also nutritional and antioxidant powerhouses with many health benefits. While most of us eat them in November and December as part of our holiday celebrations, they make a healthy side dish or cocktail all year long.  Urinary Tract Infection Prevention  In the right concentration, […]

Last Minute Tips for an Organized Holiday

By mid-December, it’s time to dodge what’s coming or be steam-rolled by the holidays. Fortunately, it’s not too late to prepare. Here are seven organizational tips to help keep you from being overwhelmed in the coming weeks:  If you’re cooking for Christmas or New Year’s, there’s still time to ask friends and relatives to bring […]

Turmeric – Food Fad or Valuable Supplement? 

Look in any store and you will probably find something turmeric: turmeric cocoa powder, turmeric latte mixes and even the oddly tasty turmeric oatmeal. If you’re not a fan of curry, you may be wondering what turmeric is and why it’s so popular.  Turmeric is a bright, yellow spice that comes from the root of […]

Diabetics Enjoy Thanksgiving Too!

If there were a “good food” celebration, it would most likely fall on Thanksgiving Day. This is the day when people fill their tables with the best foods their culture and traditions have to offer. Many of these foods, such as stuffing, sweet potatoes, rolls and desserts, are high in carbs. This can make the […]