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Dr. Ratzman named ‘Top Doctor’

Every year Indianapolis Monthly publishes a list of the Top Doctors in the capital city. These doctors are chosen by Indiana specialists drawn from dozens of different medical fields. In 2023 Dr. David Ratzman, who practices in both Indianapolis and at Rush Memorial Hospital (RMH) in Rushville, was elected as a Top Doctor in Pain Management. […]

Why Opioids Can’t Fix Chronic Pain

When thinking about opioid risks, most people think about addiction. While the risk of addiction is extremely important, it isn’t the only reason why opioids can’t fix chronic, or non-cancerous, pain. When patients first begin taking opioids, these drugs may work so well that they often “fix” almost all of a patient’s pain. In many […]

What to Expect from Pain Management

“When patients go to see a Pain Management Specialist, their pain is usually complex and chronic. Chronic pain is persistent for usually at least 3 to 6 months. By the time a patient has his or her first visit with a Pain Management Specialist, the patient is often very uncomfortable and his or her daily […]

Cortisone Shots: Pain Relief vs. Side Effects 

Shots of cortisone, a powerful anti-inflammatory drug, bring many people tremendous relief from pain associated with gout, bursitis, arthritis, tendinitis and other joint issues. Unfortunately, cortisone can have serious side effects if too much is given within too short a time frame. It can cause damage to the cartilage, nerves, bones and tendons, as well as other side effects, […]