RMH nurses can benefit from federal program

This article first appeared in the Rushville Republican on January 4, 2019. 

As part of an effort to attract and retain more nurses through the year 2020, Rush Memorial Hospital administration worked closely with state and federal officials to secure benefits, such as a student loan repayment.

This federally designated program provides the benefit of loan repayment through the Nurse Corps Loan Repayment Program. In exchange for a two-year commitment to work at healthcare facilities, nurses can apply for government loan forgiveness of their nursing education student loans through Nurse Corps.

Brian Bane, RMH Vice President of Human Resources, worked with a consulting firm to lay the groundwork for loan repayment.

“Our Human Resource Department encourages our nursing staff to apply for this federal program,” Bane said. “With our support through the application process, three of our nurses saw successful outcomes in 2018. Their combined federal awards amounted to $192,496.26 in return for their commitment at Rush Memorial Hospital.”

“We are extremely pleased with this outcome,” Bane continued. “To offer our nurses a program in which the government recognizes the community’s need and shares in the cost of loan repayment is such a huge potential for recruitment.”

Other benefits to healthcare providers and the community include building improvement grants to eligible rural clinics and community eligibility to host foreign-born doctors

For additional information on these benefits, please visit the Rush Memorial Hospital website at or contact Debbie Meek, Human Resource Recruitment and Employment at (765) 932-7486.

First image-guided balloon sinus surgery in East Central Indiana performed at Rush Memorial Hospital

(Rushville, IN) – Rush Memorial Hospital—The newly opened Rush ENT clinic, staffed by board certified Otolaryngologists (ENTs) Drs. Allison & Mark Royer, MD, offers a wide range of innovative, FDA approved procedures to help patients find sinus relief.  Recently, the Drs. Royer performed the first Image-guided balloon sinuplasty surgery in the Region.

“I am thrilled to be performing these cutting-edge procedures at Rush Memorial Hospital,” says Dr. Mark Royer, MD, MBA.  “This procedure allows us to safely provide sinus relief with easy and quick post-operative recovery. Many patients who have suffered for years are now able to receive the safest, most effective, and most advanced care available.”

Balloon sinus dilation is a clinically-proven option that instantly improves sinus sufferers’ quality of life.  Patients who have been taking too many medications or antibiotics to treat painful chronic sinus infection symptoms, may be a candidate for the Balloon Sinuplasty procedure. Less invasive than traditional sinus surgery and effective at relieving symptoms of chronic sinusitis without cutting or nasal packing, Balloon Sinuplasty allows patients to return to normal activity with quick recovery time.

The technology at RMH includes a balloon dilation system which has been designed, tested, and integrated to work with image guidance (IGS) technology called the Fusion® ENT Navigation System. This displays a visual map of a patient’s sinus anatomy. It works like GPS in a car or phone—to help guide and place the balloon device.

“During the minimally invasive surgery which may be performed in the office or Operating Room, this navigation technology helps us to precisely steer the balloon to the place where sinuses are blocked,” explains Allison Royer, MD, “We then inflate the balloon at the precise location to reshape the tissue and bone to clear the sinus pathway.”


The Drs. Royer have been impressed with the innovative vision of RMH leadership.  Brad Smith, President and CEO and Joyce Geis, VP of Provider Practices have been clear in their desire to bring the highest quality care and best surgical technology and procedures to the community of Rushville.  Their support has allowed us to offer the full range of Ear, Nose, and Throat care to our patients—ENT care that is unrivaled anywhere in the state,” says Mark Royer.

“I am very pleased to provide this ENT specialty to our patients and community,” said Smith.  “Drs. Mark and Allison Royer’s expertise in their field will provide a much needed service, close to home.”

Rush ENT is a specialty clinic of Rush Memorial Hospital.  The Drs. Royer are accepting new patients of all ages suffering from chronic nasal and sinus problems.

For more information about Rush ENT or to schedule an appointment with the Drs. Royer, please call 765-932-7063 or visit

Most Wired Recipient for the Fifth Year!

This is very exciting as this award measures the level of IT integration and adoption in hospitals and health systems.

The Most Wired Survey, an industry-standard benchmark study designed to measure the level of IT adoption in U.S. hospitals and health systems. and is a useful tool for hospital and health system leadership to map their IT strategic plans. Health Forum, an American Hospital Association information company, distributes, collects and analyzes the Most Wired data and develops benchmarks that are becoming the industry standard for measuring IT adoption for operational, financial and clinical performance in health care delivery systems.

Congratulations to all of you that work hard every day utilizing and adopting to the latest technology in healthcare in aim of patient care!  Without you utilizing and supporting the growth of healthcare information technology here at RMH, this would not be possible.  Thanks for trusting our team as we continue to lead the way towards greater IT innovation in aim of patient care and satisfaction!

What is Most Wired?

The annual Most Wired survey is designed to measure the level of IT adoption in U.S. hospitals and health systems, and serve as a tool for hospital and health system leadership to map their IT strategic plans and IT maturity.  The CIO of Rush Memorial Hospital, Jim Boyer, provides data surveyed across the RMH health system to the Most Wired survey and auditing team.  

The Health Forum, an American Hospital Association company, which distributes, collects and analyzes the Most Wired data, develops benchmarks that are the industry standard for measuring IT adoption for operational, financial and clinical performance in health care delivery systems ranks hospitals against these standards….this is what determines a Most Wired Hospital. 

Out of all U.S. hospitals 2,158 hospitals are represented in the Most Wired Survey. 500 hospitals have a bed size of 25-49 (23.3%). RMH ranked Most Wired out of the 15.3% that responded to the Most Wired survey.  There are 162 hospitals in Indiana…We were 1 of 15 hospital in Indiana to receive the award!


Community Health Network, Indianapolis: Most Wired

Deaconess Health System, Evansville: Most Wired

Hancock Regional Hospital, Greenfield: Most Wired

Indiana University Health Blackford Community Hospital, Hartford City: Most Wired

Marion General Hospital, Marion: Most Wired

Memorial Hospital and Health Care Center, Jasper: Most Wired

Parkview Health, Fort Wayne: Most Wired

Reid Health, Richmond: Most Wired

Richard L. Roudebush VA Medical Center, Indianapolis: Most Wired

Rush Memorial Hospital, Rushville: Most Wired

St Vincent Health, Indianapolis: Most Wired

St. Joseph Health System, Mishawaka: Most Wired

Union Hospital, Terre Haute: Most Wired

Union Hospital Clinton, Clinton: Most Improved

VA Northern Indiana Health Care System, Fort Wayne: Most Wired

Rush Memorial Hospital Continues to Grow!


Construction has begun on the new addition to the Rush Memorial Hospital Imaging Department. The new addition will be behind the hospital next to the ambulance bay. The building will accommodate a new MRI machine that is a stronger magnet/strength to allow for better quality and state of the art images. The location of the new MRI will be much more accommodating and convenient for patients and their families as the current MRI machine is located in the lower level of the Hospital. The goal is to have this new MRI area completed by the end of September, 2017.

In addition to the new construction is the remodeling and updating of the Imaging Department.   This includes replacement of imaging equipment throughout, redoing the hospital’s admitting area, and adding a lab draw room off of the main entrance which will be much more convenient for our patients. The current analog radiographic equipment will be replaced with a new Siemens digital general radiographic unit and then relocated closer to the Emergency Department. The current radiographic/fluoroscopic analog equipment will be replaced with a new Siemens digital unit. Our Siemens Nuclear Medicine and stress testing equipment will be moved from the lower level to the Imaging Department. The Bone Densitometry machine will be moved closer to the Mammography suite in order to accommodate women who have both exams on the same day. To ensure patients are receiving the lower radiation dose possible, a new x-ray dose-monitoring system has been added to all of the x-ray equipment. And lastly, our analog mobile x-ray machine has been replaced with a Siemens digital mobile.

“We are thrilled about the new addition that will allow our department to be all inclusive,” said Jennifer Cupp, Imaging Department Director. “The new MRI, and our new equipment, is very exciting not only for the growth of RMH, but for the benefits this will provide to our community.”

According to RMH President/CEO, Brad Smith, “Not only was it time to replace and upgrade a lot of our Imaging equipment, but a lot of planning took place to make sure our patients had easier access to our services.  The goal was to make sure if our patients needed both labs and imaging that everything was done in one location versus sending patients to opposite ends of the Hospital.” Smith concluded by saying, “I really appreciate the support of the RMH Board of Trustees for their commitment to our hospital, and our community – in making sure we have the most up-to-date equipment and facilities for our patients.”