Rush Memorial Hospital Expands Patient Parking on Grounds of Old “Park” Restaurant

In 2016 Larry Conover moved the Park Restaurant into the building at 1400 N Main St. The building, which was built in 1981, had formerly been the home of two other restaurants: Clancy’s and the Country Cooker.

By 2021, when Larry retired, neighboring Rush Memorial Hospital found itself running out of room. 1400 N Main St. is right next door to RMH Emergency Room parking lot. In order to secure space for a future expansion, the hospital decided to purchase the adjoining property.

Unfortunately, the years have taken their toll. The former restaurant currently needs extensive repairs. The price tag for these repairs is higher than the hospital can justify spending, particularly on a structure that will eventually be torn down when the hospital expands.

As the need for hospital services has grown, parking needs have also increased. It was decided that the best use of the property, at this time, is as additional parking for the main hospital entrance. With this in mind, the former home of the Park Restaurant will be torn down in the coming days.

Turning the property into a temporary parking lot will give it an immediate patient-centered use. It will allow more patients room to park closer to the main hospital entrance. This will make the hospital more accessible to those who are handicapped, ill and/or elderly.

By turning this space into much-needed parking, the hospital has found a way to help patients today while saving room for the patients of tomorrow.