• HealthCare’s Most Wired winner for 11 consecutive years from 2013 – 2023 The Most Wired award measures the level of IT integration and adoption in hospitals and health systems and serves as a tool for hospitals and leadership to map their IT strategic plans and IT maturity.
  • Critical Access Hospital Community Partner Award – Rush Memorial Hospital received a Community Partner Award for work with a specific community partner to better the health of its community. The hospital wanted to start a discussion about how to assist community members and their friends and families who were struggling with or otherwise having experiences related to suicide in the county. This led to the creation of a group, Suicide Prevention Across Rush County (SPARC) in 2018 that continues to grow as a visible and expanding member of the community. The goal was to increase the number of suicidal ideation hospital visits and decrease the number of suicide deaths, hopefully indicating that more people were talking to hospital providers and others about their challenges. Thanks to a wide range of programming brought about by this community partner in direct work with the hospital, the Critical Access Hospital Community Partner Award was presented to Rush Memorial Hospital and SPARC.
  • Best Digital Workplace 2021 – Rush Memorial Hospital received the “Best Digital Workplace” award at the Staffbase VOICES conference. Striving to engage and unite all non-desk and in-office staff with informative and consistent internal communications via an employee app, RMH worked with Staffbase, a leading provider of digital solutions for internal communications. RMH employees have access to an array of timely content, newsletters, and podcasts, a brag board that allows employees to like and comment, as well as seasonal content campaigns that build morale and culture.
  • Certified Lean Office Award – Rush Memorial Hospital is one of five Indiana Critical Access Hospitals and Rural Hospitals awarded the Certified Lean Office designation from Purdue Healthcare Advisors (PHA)/Purdue University. Rush Memorial Hospital gained lean competencies with guidance and training from PHA as part of the Lean Healthcare Transformation Initiative, a four-year program funded by the Indiana State Office of Rural Health Program.
  • Himss Analytics Stage 6 Award
  • Indiana Immunization Advocate Award – The Immunization Advocate Award is presented to an individual or group demonstrating efforts that have furthered advocacy work toward immunization in Indiana. The Indiana Immunization Coalition presented this award to RMH Pharmacist Greg Pratt.
  • 2017 Callie Van Tornhout Infant Immunization Award
  • High Flyer Award 2018 – Innovative Immunization Program – This was awarded to Rush Memorial Hospital for its innovative health-promoting program that demonstrates an excellent commitment to improving the health of Hoosiers through impactful, preventative measures.