Skilled Care Nursing

Skilled Care (Swing Bed) services are provided to patients requiring an extended period of specialized nursing care. Our Skilled Care program is designed for those patients who need “just a little more time” to get themselves back to their prior state of health and well-being following an acute hospital stay.

Under the attending physician’s guidance, all care will be delivered in a personalized manner to meet each patient’s specific psychological, sociological and physiological needs.

The hospital’s staff supports the practice of care that encompasses the “whole person”. We believe that body, mind, and spirit must be treated in order to meet the total needs of our patients. Rush Memorial Hospital’s Swing Bed Program team recognizes the value of people and will strive to respectfully aid in the interventions necessary to preserve quality of life. Each patient’s care during their stay will be focused on returning the patient to his or her optimum level of functioning prior to their stay with us.


Visiting Hours: 7:00 am – 10:00 pm daily.


Nurse’s Station: (765) 932-7439

Janie Manning, Discharge Planner/Swingbed Program Admissions
(765) 932-7501