Milroy Primary Care Groundbreaking Ceremony

On Thursday, September 8, Rush Memorial Hospital celebrated the Milroy Primary Care Groundbreaking at 7695 S 175 W, Milroy, IN. The ceremony was attended by about 100 community members.  

John Byrne, Chairman of the RMH Board of Trustees opened the ceremony by welcoming attendees.  Dr Rob Jackman then spoke on behalf of the Milroy County Economic Development group. Dr Jackman listed the many past accomplishments of the group, which has been a key contributor to Milroy development. Joyce Geis, a nurse practitioner and VP of Provider Services at RMH talked about her ties to Milroy. She stressed the importance of bringing healthcare directly to this important rural community and her passion for community wellness.  

RMH CEO Brad Smith spoke of the many years the hospital has spent working to make this project a reality. He concluded by thanking all those who have contributed. Primary care doctor Leanne Lake received special recognition for her many years of service to the Milroy community. Jean Ann Harcourt, who has long been an active contributor to her community as well as the current RMH partnership, was also recognized. Brad thanked Harmon Construction, the North Vernon construction company in charge of building the new clinic, as well as architectural firm Design Collaborative, which designed the facility. Brad said that this project would not have been possible without the unwavering support of John Byrne and the RMH Board of Trustees.  

RMH CEO Brad Smith speaking at a podium.

The groundbreaking for the new Rushville Community Center took place on September 7, the day before the groundbreaking in Milroy. Brad congratulated Rushville Mayor Mike Pavey and Rushville Economic Development Director John McCane on this important success. He pointed out that having two groundbreaking ceremonies back-to-back is a good indicator of the growth and success of Rush County.  

After the speeches concluded the crowd adjourned to the grass, where the actual groundbreaking occurred. Pictured in the photo are (L-R with shovels) Melinda Miller, Dakota Sharp, Joyce Geis, RMH Board Member Mark Bacon, Rob Jackman, Jean Ann Harcourt, Brad Smith, RMH Board member Mark “Butch” Spurlin, John Byrne, RMH Board Members Kip Burkett and Gerald Mohr, RMH CFO Ashley Kinder and RMH Executive Secretary Michele Gettinger. 

After the conclusion of the ceremony, lunch was provided by 78 Special Grill.  

Construction is expected to be completed by the end of April, 2024. The new clinic will house full-time primary care services. Specialist services will be provided on a rotating basis.