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ADHD and “Time-Blindness”

Asking someone how they sense the passage of time is a bit like asking a goldfish to talk about water. Most of us do it without thinking about it, and we assume that everyone else does the same thing. When people are chronically late or take three times as long as we do in the […]

Why “Eat the Rainbow”?

Eating the same color of fruits and vegetables every day is like living in an all-white house, wearing beige every day or listening to the same song fifty times. Something is always missing. In this case, what’s missing are phytonutrients. Phytonutrients are nutrients that come from plants. Many of them are also pigments, which means […]

Diabetic by Design?

Have you ever noticed the layout of grocery stores? Produce, meat, milk and cheese are always either off to the side or hidden along the back wall. In order to reach them, we have to pass through a maze of cake mixes, frozen dinners, potato chips, cookies, soft drinks, etc. This layout isn’t an accident. […]

Running From Depression

Depression is an illness that harms both the mind and the body. People with depression are more likely to suffer from neck or back pain. They tend to have unhealthy habits leading to poor physical health. They may lead a sedentary lifestyle, eat poorly, smoke or drink alcohol in excess. Not everyone with depression has […]

Make the Most of Well-Child Visits

In case you’ve asked yourself why Well Child Visits are important, here is a list of ways in which you can help your child benefit from these routine visits: Use this visit to ask an expert all the health and parenting questions you’ve been saving up. Keep your children caught up on vaccinations. This will […]

Melatonin: Sweet Dreams or Not?

Falling asleep can be a lot harder than it looks and not everyone is open to taking sleeping pills. There are a lot of natural remedies for insomnia, including hot milk, herbal tea, counting sheep and sleep masks. One of the most popular “natural” treatments for insomnia is melatonin. Natural melatonin is a hormone that […]

Gut Health Mysteries Revealed

If you’ve ever been told to eat yogurt after taking antibiotics, you’ve probably heard about gut health. Your gut is made up of all of the parts of your body that help process food, from where it goes in, to where it comes out.   While most of your body parts just do what they […]

Iron, Anemia & Why Popeye Ate Spinach

Have you ever wondered why your blood is red? Blood is red because it contains iron and iron, which is one of the building blocks of red blood cells, gives it a red color. Did you know that being low on iron can make you crave ice? Or even dirt and other non-edible things? Being low […]

Research Busts Meditation Stereotypes

Meditation has been practiced globally for thousands of years and has proven itself to millions of practitioners. It isn’t accepted everywhere, however. Some people still believe the benefits of meditation are “all in the head” of practitioners. They have a hard time believing that anything about meditation is real.   When science takes a look at […]

Obesity Cancer Risk Like Smoking

When the “war on smoking” began in 1964, 44% of Americans smoked. Today only 18% of Americans smoke. While these numbers are still far too high, it’s estimated that 8 million lives have been saved by this “war”.  Like smoking, obesity is strongly linked to increased cancer risks, including the risk of:  getting certain types […]