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The Face of Suicide Deaths

The face of suicide deaths is rarely what we expect. This is as true of demographic groups as it is of the neighbor or friend whose tragic death we mourn. While many people mainly associate suicide with teenagers, this is a misleading stereotype. If suicide had a face, it would more likely be the face […]

When Celebrating isn’t Easy 

As Christmas Day approaches, it’s important to acknowledge that for some people the holiday will be magical and for others it may be challenging and difficult. When attending holiday celebrations, if you have the energy and are so inclined, pay attention to the people around you. If someone is sitting apart, clearly counting the seconds […]

RMH Behavioral and Mental Health Department Finds Opportunities for Service

In August of this year, the staff of Rush Memorial Hospital’s Behavioral and Mental Health Department moved into their new home: the RMH Healthcare Solutions building at 1264 S State Rd 3 in Rushville. A lot has happened in the past three months. Department Director Susan Eakins and her staff have taken full advantage of […]

Running From Depression

Depression is an illness that harms both the mind and the body. People with depression are more likely to suffer from neck or back pain. They tend to have unhealthy habits leading to poor physical health. They may lead a sedentary lifestyle, eat poorly, smoke or drink alcohol in excess. Not everyone with depression has […]

Caregiver Resources Increasing

Healthy aging can be a difficult topic for caregivers, especially those who are seniors themselves. Fortunately, caregiving resources are increasing. With a combination of in-person and online support, caregivers can get support for the many challenges they face. The Challenges and Rewards of Caregiving – Rush Memorial Hospital The “Home Alone Alliance”  Multiple senior-focused organizations, […]

Coping With Unavoidable Stress  

When stress pops up in our lives but quickly goes away, it doesn’t usually have any lasting effects. The more often it appears, however, and the longer it lasts, the greater the effect stress has on our physical and mental health.   Our body’s stress response is designed to help us fight or flee when threatened. […]

When Will We All Be OK? Stress, Trauma and Covid-19 

In a recent survey, the American Psychological Association found that 63% of respondents said their lives had been permanently changed by the Covid-19 pandemic. Not all of these changes are changes for the worse, as 51% of respondents said that their life was merely different, not any better and not any worse.   These results […]

Helping the Grieving Caregiver

Giving a caregiver advice on how to cope with grief is a bit like telling someone at a funeral that you’re sorry for their loss. Neither one is very helpful, but then, neither is silence. There is no way to tell someone how to move past the wound of loss when they spend every  day […]

Limiting Lethal Means Saves Lives 

The crisis that leads to suicide is intensely painful, but often very short-lived. This is one of the reasons it’s important to secure easily accessible suicide means. When someone suffers from suicidal ideation, removing or locking up lethal means (drugs, firearms, etc.) can help save a life. Hopefully, if lethal means are harder to obtain, […]

6 Ways to Give a Caregiver a Break 

The life of a caregiver can be very difficult, particularly if they are in a 24/7 caregiving situation. Even if their commitment is only parttime, it can be very hard for them to get some time to themselves. If you’d like to help out, here are a few things you can do to make their […]