Limiting Lethal Means Saves Lives 

Limiting Lethal Means Saves Lives 

  • Lock and Key with medication

The crisis that leads to suicide is intensely painful, but it also is usually short-lived. This is one of the reasons that it’s so important to remove easily accessible suicide means from the home of a patient who suffers from suicidal ideation. If guns and medications are harder to obtain, hopefully, the patient’s crisis will end before suicidal ideation turns into actual suicide.  

While family members often realize the importance of locking up guns and medications at the home of the patient, however, they may be reluctant to suggest that friends and relatives do the same thing in their own homes.  

Leaving the means of suicide easily available in the homes of friends and family could lead a patient to use the gun or prescription of a loved one when making a suicide attempt. While it can make for an awkward conversation, it’s worth the trouble to ask that these means be secured as well.  

Limiting “lethal means” doesn’t need to last forever, but in the short term, it can help save a life.