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Caregiver Resources Increasing

Healthy aging can be a difficult topic for caregivers, especially those who are seniors themselves. Fortunately, caregiving resources are increasing. With a combination of in-person and online support, caregivers can get support for the many challenges they face. The Challenges and Rewards of Caregiving – Rush Memorial Hospital

The “Home Alone Alliance” 

Multiple senior-focused organizations, led by the AARP, have formed the “Home Alone Alliance”. The mission of this organization is to promote positive change in caregiving through research, advocacy and caregiver resources and education. As part of this mission, the Home Alone Alliance has created a library of videos, manuals and documents designed to teach caregivers how to manage their many responsibilities. Video topics include:  

  • Administering and managing medications 
  • Managing incontinence  
  • Operating specialized medical equipment 
  • Cooking for special diets 
  • Providing mobility assistance 
  • Cleaning and bandaging wounds 
  • Assisting with pain management 
  • Preparing for a hospital stay 

How-To Videos Assist Caregivers Performing Medical Tasks (aarp.org) 

Some of videos are offered in Spanish as well as English. Written resource guides are also offered in Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese.  

Zoom Support Groups and Online Forums 

One of the biggest changes post-Covid has been the increase in remote meetings. For caregivers living in rural areas, this can be a big step forward. 

Local Resources

All Indiana counties are grouped into Area Agencies on Aging. Rush County belongs to “Area 9”. Area 9 services are provided by Lifestream, which is headquartered in Yorktown, Indiana with additional offices in Richmond and Pendleton. Lifestream offers multiple services to Area 9 Caregivers.

  • Avoiding burnout is one of the most difficult challenges of caregiving. Care Coaching, a program designed to prevent burnout, is offered through the ADPI Care Coach Program. The goal of the care coach is to reduce caregiver stress. This is done through the creation of a personalized coaching plan for the care partner, combined with regularly scheduled assessments of the caregiver’s stress level.
  • STEP in Caregiver Programs provide education and support to caregivers. Resources include support groups and other programs.
  • Caregiver Memory Kits are packets of resources, books and activities that caregivers can check out from Lifestream.
  • Lifestream also offers Caregiver Events that offer caregivers a break from caregiving. Events include lunches, fitness programs and events for the person receiving care.