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When Celebrating isn’t Easy 

As Christmas Day approaches, it’s important to acknowledge that for some people the holiday will be magical and for others it may be challenging and difficult. When attending holiday celebrations, if you have the energy and are so inclined, pay attention to the people around you. If someone is sitting apart, clearly counting the seconds until the party is over, they may prefer to be left alone, or they may be waiting for someone to reach out.  

You never know what associations people have with the holidays, or how challenging it may be for them to participate in a celebration. They may be missing a loved one who has passed, reliving an unhappy memory associated with the holiday or just be uncomfortable in a crowd.  

Take some time to reach out. If they want to be left alone, then leave them to it. But if they want to be included, take the time to listen. The biggest differences are made in the smallest moments.  

If you’re the person in the corner, sitting apart, it can feel awkward to be unable to feel the joy that everyone else appears to be feeling. Blaming yourself for how you feel isn’t any healthier than resenting the people enjoying the party, however. It’s not fun to feel like an outsider, but it’s not wrong either. Holidays are not a report card on your life. In two weeks, when all of the parties are over, what will matter most isn’t how much fun you had celebrating. What matters is the quality of your everyday life.