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Caregiving During the Holidays

While every caregiving situation is unique, there are some things most of them have in common. One of these things is the need to make compromises during the holidays. Exactly which compromises have to be made, however, varies according to the situation.  The Age of the Caregiver  According to an AARP survey, if the person […]

What to Expect- Bringing a Loved One Home after a Suicide Attempt 

When you take a loved one to the ER after a suicide attempt, the visit is extremely stressful but it can also be a relief. As long as you’re at the ER someone else is in charge. While you’re there, once the physical crisis is over, you know that your loved one is safe.  When it’s time to take them home, if they go directly […]

Mental Health Key to Managing Child Obesity

With one in five children suffering from obesity, it’s important for parents to know how much weight is too much for teens and children. It’s also important to know when a teen or child is NOT obese. To help with this, the CDC has developed an online Body Mass Index calculator for children and teens. […]

Winter Pattern Season Affective Disorder

December 21 is the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year. On Dec 22, daylight will last just a little bit longer. The trend will continue until June 20, the Summer Solstice and the longest day of the year. During this time of year, some people suffer from a seasonal depression known as “winter […]

What to expect when a friend attempts suicide: the ER visit

Few situations are more stressful than being at the emergency room with a friend or relative who has just attempted suicide. Even when the attempt has failed, there are a lot of unknowns and “What do we do now?” questions. If this is a first attempt, or the first attempt in which you have been […]

Building Trust Helps Parents Spot Cyberbullying

No one wants to see their child become the victim of a bully. “Cyberbullies” are bullies who act on social media platforms over text or apps using digital communications. Because they are acting online, in areas many parents cannot observe, cyberbullies can be difficult to detect. In many cases parents must depend on their children […]