Building Trust Helps Uncover Cyberbullying

Building Trust Helps Uncover Cyberbullying

No one wants to see their child become the victim of a bully. Bullies, who act on social media platforms, over text or apps, etc., using digital communications, are “cyberbullies.” Cyberbullying can be difficult to detect, unless your child confides in you.

If you want your kids to come to you when they are being cyber-bullied, it is important to lay the groundwork for trust. Start by showing interest in their phone activities in a positive way. Notice when they laugh or smile at something on their phone. Ask about what they are enjoying, in the same way you might ask about a movie or TV show they appreciate.

Address fears you kids might have, fears that would keep them from telling you if they were cyber-bullied. These fears can include:

  • Fear that that you will take away their phone.
  • Fear that their parents will charge in and actually make the situation worse.
  • Fear that they will be punished and/or blamed if they have already broken their parent’s rules.

If you assure your kids that these things are not going to happen, and stick with it, you have a better chance of finding out when your kid is a victim or cyberbullying.