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Frequent Movement Helps Manage BP and Blood Sugar 

Timing seems to be everything these days, in fitness and in nutrition. When you move and when you eat can make a big difference in impact on your overall health. This applies to extended periods of sitting as well. 

The American College of Sports Medicine recently published research on how often people should get up and move if they have a spend many hours a day just sitting. Breaking Up Prolonged Sitting to Improve Cardiometabolic Ris… : Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise (lww.com) Here is what they found:  

  • Getting up and walking briskly for 5 minutes every half hour helps keep blood sugar under control.  
  • Getting up and walking briskly for at least one minute every hour helps keep blood pressure under control.  

Like all new habits, this sounds simpler than it really is. However, if you’re looking for an empowering and natural way to help manage your own health, this may be just the hint you’re looking for.