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Picking a Diabetes Management App  

There are so many diabetes management apps on the market that it’s tough to know which one to pick. You can find articles that list the “top 10” or “top 6” apps, but it’s often impossible to know what criteria were used to rank the apps. Instead of looking for the “top’ apps someone else has chosen, it’s better to look for the app that works best for you. Decide which features you want, check the pricing and then look for the app that meets your needs.  

Here are 10 features to look for:  

  1. Food tracking – Diet is one of the most important means of controlling blood sugar. Look for an app that allows you to enter what you eat and has an extensive database of nutritional information on a wide range of foods. Look for menu items from your favorite restaurants as well as your favorite prepared foods and snacks.  
  2. Medication management – Look for an app that allows you to record the medications you have already taken and plan the medications that you need to take, including insulin.  
  3. Blood glucose management – Look for the ability to log and track your blood sugar. Some apps are able to wirelessly connect to your glucose monitor. If this is important to you, be sure to keep it in mind when you get your monitor. You’ll need to look at the monitor and the app at the same time if they’re a package deal.  
  4. Weight management – If you want to control your blood sugar, it’s very important that you control your weight. Look for an app that allows you to log your weight and track it. Look for a body mass index (BMI) calculator as well.   
  5. Activity management – Physical activity is an important tool for weight loss, blood sugar management and achieving overall health. Look for an app that can track the impact of many different activities, including outdoor manual labor and different types of housework. Again, some apps may sync with a fitness monitor, so take app capabilities into consideration when shopping for your monitor.  
  6. A1C prediction – Some apps are able to track and predict your A1C. This is a very important number, as it indicates your blood sugar over the last three months. 
  7. Blood pressure – Diabates and heart health are closely related. Look for an app that allows you to input your blood pressure readings.  
  8. Reporting – Each function of your app will be more meaningful if you’re able to view progress reports that show you how you’re doing.  
  9. Coaching – Yes, it is possible to find an app that links to an online coach.  
  10. Social networking – Managing diabetes is challenging, to say the least. It helps if you can network with other people who are on a similar journey.