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Add Your Pharmacist to Your Healthcare Team 

If we use the same pharmacy for all of our medication needs, over time we can build a relationship with our pharmacist.  If we keep him or her informed about our medical conditions, we’ll have added a valuable member to our healthcare team.  

Here are a few of the services that a pharmacist can provide: 

  • Coupons are sometimes available to help lower the cost of medications. The pharmacist knows about these, as well as other ways in which to save money on prescriptions.  
  • Pharmacists are among the easiest healthcare professionals to reach directly by phone. If we have any questions about our medications, all we have to do is call and ask questions.   
  • If we don’t understand the instructions, the pharmacist can explain them to us, including whether we need to take the medication with food, or if it needs to be refrigerated.  
  • If we take more than one medication, the pharmacist can explain about possible drug interactions.  
  • If our eyesight is poor, the pharmacist can provide a label with larger type.  
  • If we have trouble swallowing pills, we can ask for a liquid or multiple small pills instead of one big one. This may require a change in prescription, but the pharmacist can request this for us.   
  • If we can’t open the bottle, the pharmacist can give us a different type of bottle.