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Questions to Ask Before Leaving the Hospital

When patients leave the hospital, especially after staying for a few days, they may be more focused on getting home than they are on taking care of themselves once they get there. It’s easy for them to forget the questions they should ask before leaving the protected environment of the MedSurg floor. These questions include:  

1) What is the name of my condition?  

2) What medications should I continue to take at home and what medications should I discontinue? Where will I get them?  

3) Will I need any special equipment at home? If so, how will I get it?  

4) Do I need someone to take care of me once I get home? If so, how long will they be needed?  

5) What restrictions will I have after I get back home? Do I need to limit my diet? My activities?  

6) How soon will I be able to drive? 

7) When is my follow-up appointment? Who will I be seeing? What is the phone number? 

8) What symptoms should I watch out for? What should I do if they appear? 

9) Who do I call if something goes wrong? Is there someone who can answer my questions without a trip back to the hospital? What is their phone number?  

When leaving the hospital, it’s important to keep all of the papers that you are given. They will contain the answers to many of these questions. When you get home, be sure to put them in a safe and convenient location, so you have them when you need them.