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Whip Up a Cold Smoothie for a Light Summer Meal 

Smoothies are cold, creamy, and nutritious options for a light meal on a hot day. It only takes four types of ingredients to make a smoothie: a liquid, something creamy, a fruit or vegetable, and a thickener. Seasonings and sweeteners are optional.  

As your liquid, try milk, water, juice, coconut milk or almond milk.  

Yogurt, cottage cheese, cream or half and half can add creaminess.  

For your fruit or vegetable, you will probably want something with a touch of sweetness. One of the most popular options is a banana, which also increases creaminess. Berries add both sweetness and a touch of tartness. Carrots are the sweetest vegetable. With the addition of pumpkin pie spice, pumpkin puree can also make a great smoothie.  

As a thickener, you can either freeze your fruit or vegetable ahead of time, or you can add ice.

If you want to add extra protein to your smoothie, try adding protein powder or powdered peanut butter.  

Smoothies are so easy to prepare that they are a great choice for a child’s first kitchen adventure.