A Healthcare Guide to Nail Treatments

  • Up close to a woman's nails

Nail care, like hair care, is one of the crossroads where health and beauty meet. There are many different nail treatments and each has its pros and cons. While this list is by no means complete, the most common treatments include traditional polish, Soft and Hard Gel Coats, Dip Powder […]

Helping the Grieving Caregiver

Giving a caregiver advice on how to cope with grief is a bit like telling someone at a funeral that you’re sorry for their loss. Neither one is very helpful, but then, neither is silence. There is no way to tell someone how to move past the wound of loss […]

Questions to Ask Before Leaving the Hospital

  • Nurse pushing a male patient in a wheelchair

When patients leave the hospital, especially after staying for a few days, they may be more focused on getting home than they are on taking care of themselves once they get there. It’s easy for them to forget the questions they should ask before leaving the protected environment of the […]

Shift Work and “Bad Health Dominoes”  

  • Woman working at her desk after dark

Shift work is bad for your sleep, and lack of sleep can contribute to diabetes. Rotating shift work that overlaps with midnight to 6 am, leads to a 37% increase in diabetes risk in men and a 9% increase in diabetes risk in women. The more years of shift work […]

Gratitude is Healthy

  • Gratitude journal concept

Both research and common sense tell us that people who practice gratitude are happier. As it turns out, they also tend to be healthier. Writing it Down Makes a Difference The Greater Good Science Center (GGSC) at the University of California, Berkeley, offers a free, online, gratitude journal Gratitude Journal […]

Can people with arthritis really feel the weather “in their bones”?  

  • Man holding wrist

The answer is both “yes” and “no”. Yes, studies show that some people with arthritis feel more pain on cold, overcast days and on days following a rise in barometric pressure. However, results were not consistent and the increase in pain reported was “not clinically significant”. The reports of patients […]

2020 Stress- It’s Time to Resurrect our New Year’s Resolutions

For some people, eating is a common reaction to stress. For others, smoking and/or alcohol, are the “go-to” coping mechanisms. Healthy resolutions made in January are often on their last legs by March, which is when the Covid-19 pandemic really hit the US. If your healthy New Year’s resolutions are […]

Eating Out and Covid-19

  • Woman putting hand sanitizer on hand before eating

Now that restaurants are starting to open back up again, diners have questions that they might never have considered in the past. At restaurants, we’re exposed to things we wouldn’t be at home: food someone else has cooked, drinks someone else has poured, dishes someone else has washed, chairs that […]

Teenagers and Cabin Fever

Harassed parents of Hoosier teenagers know their kids don’t want social distancing to ease; they want it to end. Talking, texting and sharing Tiktok videos may have gotten them through the last couple of months, but today’s demand is for hangouts and overnights. The number one question on the mind […]