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Tips for Organizing Medications

  • Medication organizer

Organizing medications for a loved one can be exhausting.  To make things easier, it helps to have a medication list and a pillbox.   The MEDICATION LIST should contain the following information:   Medication Name  Name and phone number of prescribing healthcare provider  What is it for?   How much should be taken?  […]

Strength Training with YouTube 

  • Woman exercising with a video on TV

Since we posted about Online Yoga Resources in October, and How to Buy a Treadmill in November, we’re rounding December out with suggestions for Strength Training with YouTube.   YouTube is full of exercise channels that will get you motivated for doing “at home” strength training workouts. Only a minimum of equipment is required. Here are just a few:   POPSUGAR Fitness, which […]

How to Choose a Treadmill

Before you start reading treadmill reviews, there are a few questions you need to ask yourself.   Where will I Put it?   Do you have enough dedicated floorspace for a 7 by 3’ machine? If not, consider looking at folding treadmills that can fold down when in use and then fold up against a […]

Adjusting to the Time Change

  • Clock photo

Next Sunday morning at 2 am, Daylight Savings Time will end and the clock will move forward an hour. While an extra hour of sleep on Sunday morning sounds great, the time change isn’t all good news. Fortunately, using this next week to prepare can help minimize the downside.   Loss of sleep is common with both the spring […]

“Over the Road” Health is an Uphill Journey

A national survey conducted in 2010 showed that truck drivers were twice as likely to smoke and twice as likely to be obese, as the general US adult working population. While the average American lifespan is 78, the average lifespan for truckers is only 61.   Living a healthy life on the road […]

Tips for Managing a Loss in Appetite

Many people notice a drop in appetite as they age. For people who are struggling with their weight, this may seem like a good thing. Not wanting to eat certainly helps unwanted pounds come off more easily. However, sometimes a loss of appetite can lead to excessive weight loss and malnutrition. When this happens, the immune system, which helps the […]

Improving our Diet with Fruits and Vegetables

  • Close up of fruits and vegetables

Adding more fruits and vegetables to our diet helps decrease the amount of unhealthy foods we eat, while increasing our intake of fiber and nutrients. The benefits are so great that it’s recommended that half of our plate should be filled with fruits and vegetables. However, not all fruit and […]

Are Low-Shedding Dogs Really Hypoallergenic?

Recently many dog breeds have been crossed with poodles, resulting in many new types of dogs called “doodles”. There are Golden doodles (golden retriever and poodle), Aussie doodles (Australian Shepherd and poodle), St. Berdoodles (St. Bernards and poodles), etc. Poodles are low-shedding dogs and this trait is passed on to […]