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Long Haul Truckers: Getting a Good Night’s Sleep 

As every long-haul trucker knows, sleep can be hard to get on the road. Here are seven tips to help improve a driver’s sleep:  

  • Avoid difficult or confrontational phone conversations before bedtime. Getting upset, right before trying to fall asleep, can make for a very long night. 
  • Make sure your truck has a good mattress, a comfortable pillow and blankets that match the season.  
  • White noise and meditation apps can help with sounds outside the cab. If you find an app that helps at home, the same app will probably help while on the road. Best Sleep Apps of 2023 | Sleep Foundation
  • Be sure your sleeping area has effective black out curtains.  
  • A weighted blanket helps some people sleep better. (They aren’t recommended for people with certain health conditions, including sleep apnea.)   
  • If you snore, sleep apnea may be a problem. This can create a serious sleep disruption if it isn’t diagnosed and treated.  
  • Plan for a healthy “on the road” diet. High-fat, high-salt foods, caffeinated drinks and unhealthy snacks undermine sleep as well as overall fitness.