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Passing Out After Thanksgiving Dinner? Here’s Why….. 

  • Family having thanksgiving dinner

The turkey isn’t the only thing that gets stuffed on Thanksgiving. According to the Calorie Control Council, the average Thanksgiving dinner contains over 3000 calories. Dip, chips and “nibbles” add an extra 1500 calories. That’s 4500 calories in all, with an average of 229 grams of fat.   So why do you get sleepy after eating all […]

Is Prolonged Sitting the New “Smoking”? 

  • Woman sitting at a desk working on a laptop

If you’re getting the impression that prolonged sitting is the new smoking, it’s understandable. Like smoking before the cancer link was discovered, prolonged sitting is a health risk that has been around long before the consequences were recognized. Now that its link to increased risk of “all cause mortality” (or early […]

Is Breakfast Really the Most Important Meal of the Day?  

Skipping breakfast is a common way to save time and decrease the total number of calories eaten during the day. While saving a few minutes may or may not be worth it, those who are trying to lose weight may find that skipping breakfast has unintended consequences.    Research has found the following among those […]

Three Surprising Air Fryer Treats 

  • French toast sticks

Sometimes just changing up an old favorite can result in a new treat. This is the case with Air Fryer French Toast Sticks. By using extra-thick bread, such as slices of Texas Toast, and drying the bread out a little bit before dipping it in the French toast batter, these […]

4 Ways Avocados are Good for the Skin

  • Woman holding an avocado in a kitchen

Avocados contain Vitamin E, an antioxidant that helps protect against damage from free radicals. They contain Vitamin C, which helps the body use Vitamin E more effectively and also helps to build connective tissue needed for healthy, more youthful-looking skin. They contain lutein and zeaxanthin that help protect the skin […]

Helping Your Trucker Get a Good Night’s Sleep 

  • Professional Trucker driving

As every long-haul trucker’s loved one knows, sleep can be hard to get on the road. Here are seven tips to help improve your driver’s sleep:   Avoid difficult or confrontational phone conversations before bedtime. Getting upset right before trying to fall asleep can lead to a very long night of […]

Tools for Packing a Lunch that Packs a Punch  

  • Cute,Bear,Toast,With,Apples Bento

With school starting next week, lots of parents will be shopping for lunch foods this coming weekend. They will be looking for foods that are healthy, relatively inexpensive and easy to prepare. They also hope their children will like their lunch food enough to eat it instead of trading it away for a pile of Little Debbie cakes. None […]

Tips for Sharing the Road with Buggies and Farm Equipment

  • Man driving a tractor on a road

Sharing the road in Rush County includes watching out for Amish buggies and large farm equipment, as well as cars and cyclists. Here are a few tips for safe driving on Rush County roads.   1) Be careful when passing. Some farm equipment is too large to safely pass on back roads. Often our back roads lack […]

“Water Pills” Can Have Serious Side Effects  

  • Close up of white diuretic pills on a a table

“Water pills”, or diuretics, are often used to treat high blood pressure. While they are very effective in managing blood pressure, however, they can also have serious side effects.  These side effects are directly linked to how diuretics work.   As anyone who has taken them knows, diuretics increase the amount […]

Why Men Need More Calories

Our weight isn’t the only thing that matters when calculating how many calories we need in a day. Body composition also matters. Muscle burns more calories than fat, even when we’re not moving. Someone with a higher percentage of muscle is going to need more calories than someone of equal […]