Stay Healthy with Functional Foods

  • Dark Chocolate

Have you noticed how some foods are supposed to help with cancer prevention, some with aging and others with diabetes or heart health? These types of foods are often called “functional foods”. “Functional Foods” contain “bioactive compounds”, substances that boost our health in ways that have little or nothing to […]

Burn Fat with Intermittent Fasting 

  • Upclose photo of woman standing on scale

“Intermittent fasting” involves having set hours or days, for eating, separated by set hours or days, for fasting. The periods of fasting allow the body to use up energy from food so that it can start using energy from fat. There are four basic schedules of intermittent fasting:   “Time-restricted […]

Vitamin D Fights Winter Illness

  • Person holding vitamin D in the sun

Vitamin D is called the sunshine vitamin” because our bodies produce it when our skin is exposed to sunlight. Vitamin D helps fight infections. In winter we need it to help protect us from colds and flu. Our needs are high just when most of our skin is covered up […]

Can a Night Owl be an Early Bird?

  • Close up of clock and woman working late

If you’re the night owl staggering into the office late each morning, there’s nothing more irritating than the early bird who brags about their 6 am workout. As you shake your head, you may wonder if you, too, could ever get up at the crack of dawn. Surely not, you […]

When Your Mood Matches the Weather

  • Woman with cabin fever looking out window

Are you low on energy, depressed or feeling isolated? Does your mood match the weather? If so, you may have “cabin fever”, an unofficial but common winter condition. You could wait for it to disappear with the arrival of spring or you could find ways to cheer yourself up a […]

Acetominophen Overdose Leading Cause of Acute Liver Failure

  • Man holding medicine in his hand

Almost half of all cases of acute liver failure (ALF) are the result of an overdose of acetaminophen, the active ingredient in Tylenol. Overdoses occur because people take more than the recommended amount, or because they have a condition such as alcoholism, that makes them have a lower tolerance for […]

When Your Home is Your Office

  • Woman working from home on a computer

Today more people than ever are working from home. Many at-home workers revel in their new-found freedom: no more commutes, working in their pajamas, snacking whenever they want, being out from under “the boss”, etc. Some workers, however, have found that working from home is a lot harder than it […]

Better Sleep Improves Chronic Pain

  • Man sleeping

Recently researchers have found that better sleep offers hope for chronic pain. Pain Affects Sleep Most people who suffer from chronic pain know that it’s hard to go to sleep when you’re hurting. The minute you fall asleep it seems as if you roll over and the pain starts back […]

Giving the Gift of Fitness 

  • Photo of healthy food, sneakers, water on wodden background

Since we can’t give the gift of good health, giving fitness equipment or a gym membership may seem like the next best thing. In some cases this works. In other cases, it can backfire spectacularly. If you want to give the gift of fitness, it’s important to know how to […]