Safe Ink- Choosing a Tattoo Shop

  • Woman getting a tattoo on her arm by man wearing safety gloves

Getting a new tattoo can be exciting, whether you’re a collector or a first-time canvas. While it’s tempting to fixate on the artwork, the first step to getting a great tattoo is choosing a safe place to get it. If you love the art but don’t have a safe experience, […]

Light Therapy for the Winter Blues 

Many of us look forward to the crisp cool air and brightly colored leaves of autumn. For those who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), however, fall often marks the beginning of “winter blues” that may not end until the following spring or summer.   What is SAD?   SAD is a form of seasonal depression associated with the decrease in sunlight that occurs as the days get shorter.  It usually […]

Do you know the signs of a stroke?

When someone has a stroke, the clock starts ticking. Once three hours have passed, the chance for medication to reduce damage caused by the stroke has passed. If you or someone close to you shows signs of a stroke, don’t delay. Call 911 immediately. Acting quickly could help prevent lifelong impairment or death.  Signs of […]

4 Ways Avocados are Good for the Skin

  • Woman holding an avocado in a kitchen

Avocados contain Vitamin E, an antioxidant that helps protect against damage from free radicals. They contain Vitamin C, which helps the body use Vitamin E more effectively and also helps to build connective tissue needed for healthy, more youthful-looking skin. They contain lutein and zeaxanthin that help protect the skin […]

Do Weighted Blankets Work?

Weighted blankets are the latest thing in DIY insomnia cures. These blankets are heavier than normal, commonly ranging from 7 to 20 pounds in weight. They cost between $100 and $300 and come in standard king, queen and twin sizes.   But do they work?   Given how recently they have become […]

7 Health Tips for Traveling Abroad 

  • Luggage at an airport

Summer’s here, and vacation season has arrived. If you’re traveling out of the country, here are 7  health tips to keep in mind.    Get your travel vaccines well ahead of time. For a list of vaccinations needed and health concerns by country, visit Destinations | Travelers’ Health | CDC   When planning your trip, check on the […]

Healthy Aging: Strength Training and Osteoporosis 

  • older couple exercising in gym

Many of us associate strength training with weight lifting muscle builders working on their six-packs. This stereotype, however, ignores the overall health benefits of strength training. When done over a long period of time, strength training can help prevent multiple chronic illnesses, including osteoporosis.   Osteoporosis, which causes a decrease […]

Avoiding Athlete’s Foot

The itchy red rash or dry, scaling skin of Athlete’s foot isn’t serious by itself, but it can certainly be annoying, especially if it comes back again and again. In some cases, it can also lead to a more serious bacterial infection.   Like many healthcare issues, it’s easier to prevent athlete’s foot than it is to get […]

Mammogram news: What is breast density and why does it matter?   

  • Woman sitting talking to doctor

It’s easy to get alarmed when our mammogram report contains information we don’t understand. One term that appears on a lot of mammograms is the phrase “dense breasts”. What does this mean? Is it a good thing or a bad thing?  In order to understand what a “dense breast” is, it helps to […]