Measles by the Numbers 

  • Vile with MMR label

When a deadly disease shows up, a lot of people get frightened. They wonder, “Will I get it? If I get it, will I die? Will my kids or parents get it? Will they die?”   Pre-Vaccine Numbers  Before the invention of the measles vaccine in 1964, people used to feel […]

Viruses vs. Bacteria: What’s the Difference?  

What do rabies, the Spanish flu, polio, Ebola, measles and smallpox all have in common? They are all caused by viruses.   What do Bubonic Plague, leprosy, tetanus, botulism and syphilis all have in common? They are all caused by bacteria.   What is a virus? What is a bacterium?   […]

A Healthcare Guide to Nail Treatments

  • Up close to a woman's nails

Nail care, like hair care, is one of the crossroads where health and beauty meet. There are many different nail treatments and each has its pros and cons. While this list is by no means complete, the most common treatments include traditional polish, Soft and Hard Gel Coats, Dip Powder […]

Hiking Trails Near Rush County 

  • Close up of someone boots hiking on a trail

Today is National Take a Hike Day and while you might not pick Indiana as a hotbed of great hiking, we have plenty of places to hit the trails. Here are a few that are located relatively close to Rush County:   Heading north to Summit Lake State Park, you’ll […]

When Will We All Be OK? Stress, Trauma and Covid-19 

  • Woman stress out graphic

In a recent survey, the American Psychological Association found that 63% of respondents said that their lives had been permanently changed by the Covid-19 pandemic. Not all of these changes are changes for the worse, as 51% of respondents said that their life was merely different, not any better and […]

“Long Covid” Takes a Heavy Toll  

  • Long Covid photo

Most of us are used to getting a virus, getting over it and moving on without any lingering effects. The expectation that viral symptoms will disappear after about four weeks is correct for most Covid-19 victims. For some, however, symptoms drag on for a year or more.  These patients have […]

Adding Your Pharmacist to your Healthcare Team 

Your pharmacist is there to serve you and your healthcare needs. However, pharmacists aren’t always aware of every patient’s issues. If you keep your pharmacist informed about your concerns, you’ll have added a valuable member to your healthcare team.   Here are a few of the services that a pharmacist […]

Whip Up a Cold Smoothie for a Light Summer Meal 

  • Blueberry Smoothie

Smoothies are cold, creamy, and nutritious options for a light meal on a hot day. While it’s possible to find any number of recipes, and even no-cooking smoothie “cookbooks”, there are only four standard classes of ingredients necessary to make a smoothie: a liquid, something creamy, a fruit or vegetable, […]