Does Letting Kids Drink at Home Really Teach Them How to Drink?  

  • Teen talking to parent

Can children be taught to drink responsibly? Sharon Levy, MD, MPH, director of the Adolescent Substance Use and Addiction Program at Boston Children’s Hospital and associate professor of pediatrics at Harvard Medical School doesn’t believe so.  Dr. Levy says, “It’s a myth that you can teach kids to drink.”   According to a study […]

Fun Weekend Activities to do with the Family

Now that summer vacations are over, many of us are looking for some fun weekend things to do with the family, especially things that aren’t too far from Rush County. Here are a few suggestions:   Looking for something outside the box? Check out the underground “catacombs” under City Market in downtown Indy. These vaulted brick hallways […]

Questions to ask when choosing a backpack for your child

  • Childrens with backpacks walking

Helping your child choose a new back-to-school backpack can be a challenge. While children tend to focus on the style of a backpack, parents want one that will last and won’t put too much stress on their child’s back. Parents realize that no matter how great a backpack looks when […]

Tools for Packing a Lunch that Packs a Punch  

  • Cute,Bear,Toast,With,Apples Bento

With school starting next week, lots of parents will be shopping for lunch foods this coming weekend. They will be looking for foods that are healthy, relatively inexpensive and easy to prepare. They also hope their children will like their lunch food enough to eat it instead of trading it away for a pile of Little Debbie cakes. None […]

When Children Ask About Suicide  

  • Woman holding sons hand walking to school

Stereotypical youth suicides occur in the teenage years, but pre-teens are also vulnerable. In 2018, suicide was the second leading cause of death for children aged 10 to 14 in the United States. It’s important for parents to be prepared to discuss suicidal ideation with preteens as well as older adolescents.   When very young children […]

Depression in Teens

  • Teen sitting with hand on her head looking down

Many parents wonder how to tell if their teen is experiencing normal teen mood swings or something more serious, like Major Depressive Disorder. One way to distinguish these is to consider the severity of symptoms, duration, and impact on functioning.   Symptoms of depression in teens include depressed, sad, or irritable […]


  • Child sleeping on pillow

While bedwetting can be miserably embarrassing for a child at a sleepover, it’s much more common than many people realize. At age 5, up to one in five children is still wetting the bed occasionally. By age 7, this has decreased, but bedwetting still occurs in about one child in […]

What to do when your child has a sore throat

When a child gets a sore throat, the first concern for many parents is, “Is it strep throat?”   This is a valid concern, given the serious consequences of leaving strep throat (caused by the streptococcus bacteria) untreated. The good news is that most sore throats in children are caused by viruses, not strep.   A viral sore […]

Teen Depression

  • Teen girl staring out window

Teen depression isn’t like cloudy weather, that blows over if you wait long enough. Even when counseling or medication aren’t required, the suffering your teen endures when depressed is very real and needs to be recognized.   Unfortunately, recognizing teen depression isn’t always easy, even for the most caring parents. Some teens aren’t able or willing to talk about depression […]