Winning Nutrition for Teen Athletes 

  • Teen eating healtht

Athletes know that eating right is as important as working out when it comes to winning. Unfortunately, many teen athletes prefer Cheetos and energy drinks to fruits and vegetables. They’d rather eat what they want most of the time and then squeeze in a few protein shakes and some supplements. Supplement advertisers are […]

Measles by the Numbers 

  • Vile with MMR label

When a new and deadly disease shows up, it’s natural to be frightened. We wonder if we or our loved ones will catch it, and if we do, will we survive. Before the invention of the measles vaccine in 1964, people felt this way about measles. The disease was so […]

Saving on Back-to-School Spending

In 2022 parents expect to spend an average of $262 dollars in back-to-school spending per child on clothing and accessories, $140 on school supplies, $168 on shoes and a whopping $293 on electronics or computer-related equipment. This brings the total to $863 per child.   While these numbers are based […]

Surprising Household Poisons 

  • Household cleaners

Have you ever wondered if some of the common substances you have around the house might be poisonous to children? Here are a few things you might not suspect:   An overdose of dietary melatonin supplement can actually be fatal for children.   Less than a fifth of a teaspoon […]

Award Winning Children’s Gifts

  • Children opening Christmas presents

Looking for the best of the best in children’s gifts? If you want to know what the experts have chosen, check out the following lists of awards:   1) The Parents Choice Foundation gives annual awards in games, puzzles, toys, books, video games and movies. Awards are designated by age and can be […]

Can Parents Teach Kids How to Drink?

  • Teen talking to parent

Can children be taught to drink responsibly? Sharon Levy, MD, MPH, director of the Adolescent Substance Use and Addiction Program at Boston Children’s Hospital and associate professor of pediatrics at Harvard Medical School doesn’t believe so.  Dr. Levy says, “It’s a myth that you can teach kids to drink.”   According to a study […]

Choosing a Back-to-School Backpack

  • Childrens with backpacks walking

Helping your child choose a back-to-school backpack can be a challenge. Children tend to focus on the movie or cartoon character on the backpack. Parents want one that will last but isn’t too expensive. Parents realize that no matter how great a backpack looks when new, it’s going to spend […]

How to Pack a Lunch Your Kids Will Eat

  • Cute,Bear,Toast,With,Apples Bento

Each year when school starts, parents start looking for healthy packed lunches their children will enjoy. They want lunch foods that are nutritious, relatively inexpensive and easy to prepare. They also hope their children will like their lunch food enough to eat it instead of trading it away for a […]

When Children Ask About Suicide  

  • Woman holding sons hand walking to school

Most people associate youth suicides with the teenage years, but pre-teens are also vulnerable. In 2018, suicide was the second leading cause of death for children aged 10 to 14 in the United States. It’s important for parents to be prepared to discuss suicidal ideation with preteens as well as older adolescents.   […]