The Benefits of Board Games, Win or Lose

Video games have never quite managed to kill off board games, and not just among those whose parents refuse to invest in a Switch. Whether being played just for the fun of it, or to fulfill learning or social goals, board games represent a type of play that benefits people […]

Fainting (Syncope) in Kids

By Adam Powell, MD, pediatric cardiologist at Cincinnati Children’s Pediatric Fainting (Syncope): Fainting (also called syncope) is very common in the teenage and young adult years.  Around 20% of young adults report having passed out at least once in their life.  Fortunately, fainting is rarely a sign of a dangerous […]

Child Safety and Over the Counter Medications

Over the counter medications are medications that can be purchased without a prescription. However, this does not mean that they are harmless. When it comes to treating children with a cough, cold or the flu, parents need to be aware that some over the counter medications are not safe for […]

Road Trip Survival with Young Children

Small children frequently like the idea of a car trip better than they like the reality. They love to go somewhere. They just hate the process of getting there. It’s hard for them to sit still, they can only sit beside a sibling for so long before a squabble breaks […]

Could my teen have anorexia?

Are you worried that your teen may have anorexia? If so, have a healthcare professional examine her body weight or body mass index.  If it is more than 15% below normal, she might have anorexia. Teens with anorexia have a distorted body image, which causes them to believe that they […]

When Your Child Goes to the Hospital

Few events in life are as stressful as having a child in the hospital, especially if the stay comes at the end of a trip to the emergency room. You may not really understand what is wrong or even whether it can be fixed. You rarely know how long your […]

Winning from the Stands

Youth sports are a great way for kids to develop the habit of healthy physical activity while learning important social and emotional skills. Dealing with failure, developing realistic expectations and learning the benefits of striving for success are only some of the benefits of participating in individual or team sports. […]

Building Trust Helps Uncover Cyberbullying

No one wants to see their child become the victim of a bully. Bullies, who act on social media platforms, over text or apps, etc., using digital communications, are “cyberbullies.” Cyberbullying can be difficult to detect, unless your child confides in you. If you want your kids to come to […]