Healthy Lifestyle

Journaling, a Common Sense Tool for Weight Loss

For those trying to lose weight, a daily food journal can be a useful tool for changing eating habits. It is certainly less stressful than counting calories or vowing to give up 95% of the foods that bring you pleasure. These techniques rarely end well. Instead, try writing down everything […]

Exercise Common Sense

Starting a new workout plan? If you’re trying to figure out what types of exercise to do, here are a few points to remember: Don’t worry about trying to create the perfect plan. Any exercise plan you follow through on is going to make a difference. Ideally, you should get […]

Cooking with an air fryer

Every year or so a new fad hits the small appliance market. The air fryer is one of the most recent must-haves, but is it a fad? Or is it a healthy cooking appliance deserving of valuable real estate on your crowded kitchen counter? Before answering that question, here are […]

Holiday Stress- the “Pinterest Problem”

Pinterest is a great place to get ideas for the holidays. Need a last minute centerpiece? Use some Pinterest magic: turn a few wine glasses upside down, put Christmas tree bulbs under the goblets and tie bows around the stems. Need a last minute dessert? Grab a mug cake recipe […]

Managing Holiday Stress – Personal Relationships

Having family come together for the holidays can be wonderful, but it can also be frustrating. Whether we’re avoiding heated political discussions, over-imbibing cousins or 150 mile days spent attending three Christmas dinners, the holidays can put as much stress on our personal relationships as they do on our stomachs […]

Managing Holiday Stress – The Budget

Most people enjoy getting holiday gifts and cards in November and December. No one, however, enjoys opening holiday credit card bills in January. One way to prevent depression AFTER the holidays is to create a holiday budget and stick to it. The temptation to overspend doesn’t just start with Black […]

Reimagining the Sandwich

Nothing is more boring for lunch than packing that same old sandwich day in and day out. So do we ditch the sandwich all together, or reimagine it? If you want to reimagine your sandwich, here are a few tips: Buy artisan bread. It will have more texture and flavor, […]

Is fish really that good for us?

For a food that rarely has a strong flavor (at least when fresh), fish leaves people with surprisingly strong opinions. They seem to either love it or hate it. Fish lovers tend to welcome the news that fish, and fatty fish in particular, are heart healthy foods. Fish haters, on […]

What are your core muscles and why do they matter?

References to “core muscles” are popping up everywhere in fitness articles and among exercise gurus. But what are core muscles and why do they matter? Your core muscles include the muscles in your lower back, your abdomen and your sides and your pelvis, basically, the muscles around your trunk. These […]