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What are your core muscles and why do they matter?

References to “core muscles” are popping up everywhere in fitness articles and among exercise gurus. But what are core muscles and why do they matter? Your core muscles include the muscles in your lower back, your abdomen and your sides and your pelvis, basically, the muscles around your trunk. These […]

Night Owls vs Morning People- which lifestyle is healthier?

As one of the world’s most famous “morning people”, Benjamin Franklin believed that being an early riser was good for the health. As it turns out, he may have been right. According to a study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, “night owls” are more likely to […]

Food Labels Made Simple

Cooking from scratch is fine if you have the time and the interest, but if you don’t many of us turn to convenience foods. These pre-packaged foods can taste great, but how do we know if the amount of useful food in them is as great as their convenience and […]

Exercise: It’s not just numbers

Fitness trackers seem to be everywhere. They come in a wide range of prices with an ever increasing array of features. One of the latest features is the ability to track the distance traveled during a run or bike ride. Whether measuring the number of steps taken, the time spent […]

Cauliflower Rice-Yuk or Yummy?

Cauliflower rice is a trendy and nutritious replacement for white rice, especially for those on a low carb diet. It contains only 4g of carbohydrates and 20 calories per cup vs 45 g of carbs and 204 calories per cup for white rice. For the long haul, however, what most […]