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Common Sense Eating 

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The world is full of many different cuisines, and healthy dishes can be found in all of them.  It’s hard to realize this, however, if you’ve spent much time reading today’s popular literature about food. All too often, extremism has replaced common sense. Entire food groups are being condemned as “unhealthy” by […]

Does “Natural” Always Mean “Safe”?  

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Many people are interested in the health benefits of food supplements. Some people like these things because they are usually less expensive than medications. Others like them because they can be purchased without a prescription. One of the biggest reasons for their popularity is that many people believe that all-natural […]

5 Tips for Springing Back Into Shape 

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Spring is a great time for getting back into exercising. It’s finally warm…ish, outside, and the sun is shining at least part of the time. Before getting started, however, take a minute to plan your exercise strategy. Here are a few precautions:   Take it slow. Do less than you […]

Foods that Pack an Extra Punch 

  • Dark Chocolate

Healthy foods contain the standard nutrients: proteins, carbohydrates, fats, etc., but some of them pack an extra punch. They contain “bioactive compounds”, substances that boost our health in ways that have little or nothing to do with nutrition. Learning about bioactive compounds helps us find natural ways to stay healthy.  […]

How to Maximize Weight Loss with Intermittent Fasting 

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“Intermittent fasting” is a weight loss program that involves alternating set periods of fasting with set periods of eating.  There are four basic schedules of intermittent fasting:   “Time-restricted eating” involves eating a limited number of hours each day, with a minimum 12-hour period of fasting.   “The 5:2 diet” involves eating […]

Probiotics vs Antibiotics

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Most people think of infections and illness when they think of bacteria, but not all bacteria are bad. The gut, or large intestine, is home to millions of good bacteria, as well as fungi and other microorganisms that grow there naturally. Good gut bacteria are very important to our health. […]

Budget-Friendly Things to do in Indiana 

  • Family Hiking

Looking for something to do alone or with the family? Here are a few nearby destinations and events to help keep the winter blues away.   “Winter Wonder” in Batesville, Indiana is a free 200-foot lighted drive-through tunnel with over 100 lighted snowflakes. It is located in the Village Green parking […]

Not All Fat is Equal 

  • Woman measuring waist line

Did you know that not all fat is equal? Fat that is stored under your skin (subcutaneous fat) is much less dangerous than fat that is stored inside your abdomen and around your internal organs (visceral fat).   Visceral fat increases your risk for diabetes, Alzheimer’s, stroke, heart disease and premature death. The only way to […]

Children’s Gifts Chosen by the Experts 

  • Children opening Christmas presents

Looking for the best of the best in children’s gifts? If you want to know what the experts have chosen, check out the following lists:   1) The Parents Choice Foundation gives annual awards in games, puzzles, toys, books, video games and movies. Awards are designated by age and can be sorted by price, so there’s […]