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Sunglasses are healthy for your eyes

Sunglasses aren’t just a fashion accessory. Eyes can be damaged by UV light from the sun, leading to eye cancer, cataracts, and growths on the eye. To protect your eyes, don’t choose sunglasses by the color, since darker glasses don’t give more protection. Instead, buy sunglasses labeled as giving 100% […]

Medication Safety on the Road

For many of us, summer is a time for visiting with out of town friends and family. Whether we go to their house, or they come to our house, it’s easy to forget medication safety while on the road. Drugs that might be locked away at home may only be […]

Work-From-Home Challenges

Working from home (WFH) used to be a rare privilege, limited to industries like information technology or digital marketing. Now WFH is an accepted part of the Covid 19 phenomena, a safety measure to protect employees from illness and industry from pandemic-related health care costs and employee absence. WFH has […]

Delaying or Avoiding Emergency Department Care

Don’t try to diagnose or treat emergency conditions at home. Since the arrival of Covid-19, emergency rooms across the country have seen an increase in patients who have put off seeking help, even for conditions such as heart attacks and strokes. Some patients have waited so long that they have […]

Journaling, a Common Sense Tool for Weight Loss

For those trying to lose weight, a daily food journal can be a useful tool for changing eating habits. It is certainly less stressful than counting calories or vowing to give up 95% of the foods that bring you pleasure. These techniques rarely end well. Instead, try writing down everything […]

Follow Up Care for Diabetics with RMH Video Visits

Diabetes is one of the conditions that undermines a patient’s immune system, increasing vulnerability to COVID-19. This makes many diabetics reluctant to risk exposure to COVID-19 by sitting in the waiting room. If you’re a diabetic, however, part of being safe is knowing if your A1C has gone up or […]

RMH Video Visit “How To”

If you need to see your Rush Memorial Hospital healthcare provider, but don’t want to come into the office, most RMH providers are now available through RMH Video Visits. Using this remote service, patients can see their primary care providers at Healthcare Associates and Pediatrics, as well as Rheumatologist, Dr. […]

Cutting Edge Cancer Treatment

Immunotherapy is one of the newest forms of cancer treatment. It is based on  research by Dr. James P Allison, who was awarded the Nobel Prize for his work in 2018. The immune system is the body’s defense mechanism. When the immune system recognizes disease or infection, it’s normal response […]