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Tips to Cope with Joint Pain

  • Man with wrist pain

Many arthritis patients feel more pain in their joints when cold weather sets in. It’s not clear if this is due to the cold or a drop in barometric pressure. Whatever the cause, it’s important to find ways to cope. Here are a few recommendations:   1) Wear layers that can […]

Almost 50% of Acute Liver Failure Cases Caused by Acetaminophen 

  • Man holding medicine in his hand

Almost half of all cases of acute liver failure (ALF) are the result of an overdose of acetaminophen, the active ingredient in Tylenol. Overdoses occur because people take more than the recommended amount, or because they have a condition such as alcoholism, that makes them have a lower tolerance for […]

When Your Home is Your Office

  • Woman working from home on a computer

Today more people than ever are working from home. Many at-home workers revel in their new-found freedom: no more commutes, working in their pajamas, snacking whenever they want, being out from under “the boss”, etc. Some workers, however, have found that working from home is a lot harder than it […]

Stitches, Staples or Glue?

  • Surgical Nurse close up Photo

Have you ever had surgery, or been treated for a severe cut? If so, you may have noticed that sometimes providers use stitches (also known as “sutures”); sometimes they use staples and sometimes they use medical adhesive (what the rest of us call glue) when closing up a cut.   Have […]

Ankle Sprains on the Court  

  • Student playing basketball

One of the most common basketball injuries seen by Food and Ankle Specialists is an ankle sprain. It’s important for coaches, parents and players to understand the symptoms, treatment and prevention of this type of injury.  What is an Ankle Sprain?   An ankle sprain is an injury to the […]

How to Give the Gift of Fitness 

  • Photo of healthy food, sneakers, water on wodden background

Since you can’t give someone the gift of good health, giving them fitness equipment or a gym membership can seem like the next best thing. In some cases this is true. In other cases, a fitness-related gift can backfire spectacularly. If you want to give the gift of fitness, it’s […]

Not All Fat is Equal 

  • Woman measuring waist line

Did you know that not all fat is equal? Fat that is stored under your skin (subcutaneous fat) is much less dangerous than fat that is stored inside your abdomen and around your internal organs (visceral fat).   Visceral fat increases your risk for diabetes, Alzheimer’s, stroke, heart disease and premature death. The only way to […]