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Winning Nutrition for Teen Athletes 

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Athletes know that eating right is as important as working out when it comes to winning. Unfortunately, many teen athletes prefer Cheetos and energy drinks to fruits and vegetables. They’d rather eat what they want most of the time and then squeeze in a few protein shakes and some supplements. Supplement advertisers are […]

Research Busts Meditation Stereotypes 

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Meditation has been practiced globally for thousands of years and has proven itself to millions of practitioners. It isn’t accepted everywhere, however. Some people still believe the benefits of meditation are “all in the head” of practitioners. They have a hard time believing that anything about meditation is real. When […]

Obesity Cancer Risk Like Smoking

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When the “war on smoking” began in 1964, 44% of Americans smoked. Today only 18% of Americans smoke. While these numbers are still far too high, it’s estimated that 8 million lives have been saved by this “war”. Like smoking, obesity is strongly linked to increased cancer risks, including the […]

New Treatment Lowers Knee Replacement Pain

  • Woman holding knee in pain

Living with severe osteoarthritis in the knee is like living inside a box that keeps getting smaller and smaller.  As knee pain gets worse, it becomes harder and harder for patients to move.  Each year patients find that they are able to do less than they could the year before. Eventually, […]

Why Opioids Can’t Fix Chronic Pain

  • Woman holding her neck with pain

When thinking about opioid risks, most people think about addiction. While the risk of addiction is extremely important, it isn’t the only reason why opioids can’t fix chronic, or non-cancerous, pain. When patients first begin taking opioids, these drugs may work so well that they often “fix” almost all of […]

Hearing Loss Ups Dementia Risk

  • Woman trying to hear better holding her hand up to her ear

Hearing loss can come at any age. Many people don’t realize that when it arrives in midlife, it increases the risk of dementia in later life. The greater the hearing loss, the greater the risk of dementia. People who have mild hearing loss in midlife have twice the risk of […]

The Downside of Eating Out

  • Group of people eating at a restaurant

Despite the high price of eating out, only half of Americans regularly cook meals at home. Whether they don’t know how to cook, they’re too busy, or they just don’t want to cook, people often overlook the downside of eating out. Eating out means giving up control over our food. […]

Low-Hanging Fruit for a Lower A1C

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An A1C is a blood test that gives your healthcare provider information about your average blood sugar over the last two to three months.  It is used to diagnose pre-diabetes and diabetes, and to monitor how well you are managing your disease. Diabetes Lab Tests 101 | Rush Memorial Hospital […]

Understanding Occupational Therapy

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When many people think about rehabilitation therapy, they imagine physical therapists helping people recover from car accidents or surgeries. This isn’t all physical therapists do, of course, and they are not the only type of rehab therapists. Occupational therapy is another, equally vital, branch of rehab therapy. While physical therapists […]

What to Expect from Pain Management

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“When patients go to see a Pain Management Specialist, their pain is usually complex and chronic. Chronic pain is persistent for usually at least 3 to 6 months. By the time a patient has his or her first visit with a Pain Management Specialist, the patient is often very uncomfortable […]