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Your Patient Portal, “One Stop Shop” for Medication Info

Location in the Portal 

Your RMH Patient Portal provides a central online location for managing your personal healthcare. Medication information is found in the Medication section under the Health Record section of your RMH Patient Portal. 

Print-ready List of Medications 

The patient portal contains a list of all of the medications and dosages included in your RMH healthcare records. If you need to take a list of your medications with you for any reason, this list can be easily printed out.  

If you want information about a specific medication, you can click on “Learn More About This”.   

Note: If you are on a medication that has not been prescribed by an RMH provider, please be sure to communicate this information so that this medication will be included in your record. Otherwise only these medications will not appear in your record. 

Physical Appearance by Manufacturer 

The portal includes a series of pictures showing what each medication looks like. Since there is no standardization of shape, size and color among drug manufacturers, the portal includes pictures of many different variations of the medication, listed according to manufacturer. If there is an alternative name for the medication, this is listed as well.  

Medication Specific Information 

Information on the medication itself includes the following:  

  • What the medication is used for, with a brief description of how it works. 
  • What you should discuss with your provider before taking the medication. 
  • How this medication should be taken (with or without food, time of day, etc.)
  • What happens if you miss a dose or take too much 
  • What you should avoid while on the medication.  
  • Potential side effects 
  • What other drugs are affected by this medication 

With so much information available online and in one place, the RMH Patient Portal should be your “go to” resource when you have any questions about your medications, or simply need to print out a list of them,

If you have questions 

To sign up for the portal or to have your questions answered, contact Tina Ford, of RMH Health Information Management at 765-932-7401.