“Over the Road” Health is an Uphill Journey

“Over the Road” Health is an Uphill Journey

A national survey conducted in 2010 showed that truck drivers were twice as likely to smoke and twice as likely to be obese, as the general US adult working population. While the average American lifespan is 78, the average lifespan for truckers is only 61 

Living a healthy life on the road is challenging for a number of reasons. It’s stressful, sedentary, isolating. Drivers often don’t get enough sleep, physical activity or healthy food. It’s not surprising that truckers have to work harder than most to stay in shape.  

Fortunately, awareness of health issues in the trucking industry has led to the creation of resources for truckers who want to get into shapeTrucking companies have created blogs and Youtube videos to dedicated to helping their drivers get back in shape 

  • As consulting firms and trucking companies have worked to figure out what works best for their drivers, new fitness blogs and vlogs have been created for truckers.  
  • Truck stop chains have added healthy foods to their selection 
  • Some truck stops have installed fitness equipment and walking trails for truckers. 
  • Inspirational success stories of newly healthy drivers are now available on Youtube and trucking websites.  

For a sample, healthy trucking resource, check out the following:  

  • The Healthy Trucker YouTube videos 
  • Healthy Trucking Association of American   https://www.healthytruck.org/  
  • The Iron Trucker app  
  • TMC Transportation Health and Wellness blog   https://www.tmctrans.com/blog/health-wellness/