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Hip Replacement Surgery- Planning for a Comfortable Recovery 

Hip replacement surgery can be life-altering for someone living in constant pain from joint degeneration. As with any major surgery, however, it’s important to plan for the healing period that follows. Here are eight tips to help you prepare for a more comfortable recovery:  

  1. If your bedroom is upstairs, try to arrange for a temporary first-floor bedroom. It’s not absolutely necessary but it will make your early recovery period easier. During your initial recovery period, you’ll only be allowed to take the stairs once a day, so you’re going to need to pick a floor and stay there for most of the day.  
  2. Adjust the height of your bed so that you can sit on it and have both feet flat on the floor. After surgery you won’t want to have to climb onto your mattress to get into bed.  
  3. Set up your own “command station”, where you have a comfortable chair, with sturdy armrests. You’ll need a nearby table with water, snacks, the TV remote, your laptop and anything else you need to be comfortable and stave off boredom.  
  4. Check your house for trip hazards. These include area rugs, extension cords, floor knickknacks, etc. Remove them or tape them down so that you don’t fall while maneuvering around your house.  
  5. If possible, install a grab bar beside your toilet and a second one inside your shower.  
  6. Stock up on groceries, so that you have plenty of food in the house for the period when you won’t be able to drive.  
  7. Have a friend or family member on standby to help you. It’s important to have someone who can pick up medications and take you to the doctor for your first follow-up appointment. It’s also very helpful to have someone willing to bring you meals and other things that you may need.   
  8. Arrange for a walker, crutches or a cane if this will not be provided for your by the hospital. Take it with you on the day of surgery so the medical staff can show to use it before going home.  

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