Diabetics Need to Take Extra Precautions to Care for Their Feet

Diabetics Need to Take Extra Precautions to Care for Their Feet

One of the symptoms of diabetes is nerve damage and a loss of circulation in the feet. This can cause:
A loss of feeling in the feet
A loss of the ability for foot wounds to heal 

When someone can’t feel their feet, the risk of injury is much greater. It’s possible to step on something and get a cut or a puncture wound without feeling it. Shoes can rub a blister that can’t be felt. It is even possible to get a burn without feeling it 

If an injury does occur, the risk of injection is much greater for diabetics. Wounds can form and be unable to heal. In the worst-case scenario, the foot may have to be amputated.  

In order to care for their feet, diabetics need to take extra precautions: 

1) Wash and dry your feet every day. Cleanliness decreases the risk of infection. 
2) Always wear clean socks.
3) Inspect your feet every day. If you can’t reach them or see them clearly, use a mirror to look at them. Don’t forget to look between your toes and on the bottom of your feet. 
4) Always protect your feet by wearing shoes and socks. 
5) Only wear shoes that fit properly. Shoes that don’t fit can cause blisters and other foot injuries. 
6) Keep your floors clean and clear of debris that could injure your feet if stepped on (Legos come to mind here). 
7) Exercise with caution. If exercising in natural waterways such as lakes and streams, wear water shoes. 
8) See a podiatrist regularly for proper nail care.  

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