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Under-Desk Treadmills Lower Heart Risk

All else being equal, workers who spend most of their days sitting have a 34% higher chance of dying from cardiovascular disease when compared with workers who spend most of their day standing or walking. Occupational Sitting Time, Leisure Physical Activity, and All-Cause and Cardiovascular Disease Mortality | Public Health | JAMA Network Open | […]

Low-fat Heart Health Diets Challenged

What if heart healthy eating isn’t what we think it is? What if we can eat whole fat cheeses and yogurt, moderate amounts of unprocessed red meat and other foods high in saturated fat without putting our heart health at risk? If this sounds too good to be true, it could be because it is. […]

Winter Heart Attack Risks

Heart attacks increase during the winter months for a number of reasons.  Understanding where winter heart risks come from can make it easier to enjoy a safe and heart healthy winter. Cold  When winter comes, the temperature begins to drop. As the weather approaches 32 F, the muscles in our blood vessels start to constrict, […]

Are Alzheimer’s and Dementia Preventable?

While researchers have spent many years looking for a cure for Alzheimer’s and dementia, they still have not found one. As the search for a cure continues, some researchers have chosen to focus on prevention. They are looking for early lifestyle changes that may decrease the likelihood of getting these diseases in the first place. […]

Why Take Your Bp at Home?

Some patients take their blood pressure at home because they’re worried about their health. Others take it because they just want to keep an eye on things. Most people do it because their healthcare provider has asked them to create a blood pressure log or written record of their blood pressure over time. Here are […]

Light Therapy for the Winter Blues 

Many of us look forward to the crisp cool air and brightly colored leaves of autumn. For those who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), however, fall often marks the beginning of “winter blues” that may not end until the following spring or summer.   What is SAD?   SAD is a form of seasonal depression associated with the decrease in sunlight that occurs as the days get shorter.  It usually appears in the fall and […]

High Blood Pressure – When Medications Stop Working

Most patients know that high blood pressure is bad, but many high blood pressure patients get used to having it. They take their medication, without making any significant lifestyle changes, and assume that the problem is under control. They don’t realize that they could eventually develop “medication resistant hypertension”, or high blood pressure that can’t […]

Heart Attack Symptoms in Women

Heart attacks are the number one killer of women in the United States, yet many women don’t know what a heart attack might feel like. They don’t realize that the symptoms of a heart attack in women are not the same as the symptoms of a heart attack in men. While some women do have […]

Cardiac Rehab Helps Patients Trust Their Own Hearts

After a heart attack, it can be difficult to trust your own body again. Suddenly, the beating of your heart, something you have been able to count on without thinking about it, no longer feels like a “sure thing”. While confidence usually returns in time, it helps to have support from others who have had […]