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Cardiac Rehab Helps Patients Trust Their Own Hearts

After a heart attack, it can be difficult to trust your own body again. Suddenly, the beating of your heart, something you have been able to count on without thinking about it, no longer feels like a “sure thing”.

While confidence usually returns in time, it helps to have support from others who have had a similar experience. It also helps to know that your heart is healthy enough for routine exercise.

Cardiac Rehab is an outpatient program designed to help patients recover after a heart attack or other cardiac event or condition. In Cardiac Rehab, fellow patients share their stories while exercising under the supervision of a cardiac rehab nurse. The goal is to help patients recovery their strength in a safe environment while building a habit of physical activity that will help prevent future cardiac issues. The ideal cardiac rehab environment allows patients to meet one another and establish relationships that help them heal together in an atmosphere of mutual support.

Having a heart attack can be a very lonely and isolating experience. In Cardiac Rehab patients who have had a very recent event or diagnosis can talk to maintenance phase patients whose heart event was long ago. This helps newer patients realize that others have been through this successfully, giving them confidence that they can do the same. Maintenance patients, on the other hand, can find meaning in being able to use their experience to help others. Both new and experienced patients can encourage one another to stick to their rehab, thus benefitting the entire group of patients.

If you’ve had a recent heart event or diagnosis, you may not be enthusiastic about the prospect of cardiac rehab. Some people hate any form of physical activity. Some have busy schedules and don’t want to take the time to attend rehab sessions. Whatever your reason, however, know that once you arrive at Cardiac Rehab, you won’t be alone. Others have been where you have been, and together you can all work towards a healthier, less fearful and more confident tomorrow. How Cardiac Rehabilitation Can Help Heal Your Heart | cdc.gov

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