Chronic Diseases

Second-hand smoke can become a serious source of conflict

  • Tree shaped like lungs

Are you a smoker living with a non-smoker? If so, the issue of second-hand smoke can become a serious source of conflict. Here are a few facts to keep in mind:  According to the CDC, as many as 7000 cases a year of deaths related to Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease are caused by second-hand smoke.   3400 adult […]

Protect Your Blood Pressure, Protect Your Brain 

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Most people know that high blood pressure is bad for the heart, but many people don’t realize that it is also bad for the brain. High blood pressure can cause the blood vessels in the brain to become narrow or damaged. When this happens, the brain may not get enough blood to stay healthy. Brain cells may […]

Diabetics Need to Take Extra Precautions to Care for Their Feet

One of the symptoms of diabetes is nerve damage and a loss of circulation in the feet. This can cause: A loss of feeling in the feet A loss of the ability for foot wounds to heal  When someone can’t feel their feet, the risk of injury is much greater. It’s possible to step […]

Understanding Fibromyalgia 

Fibromyalgia is a poorly understood and life-altering illness that can be difficult to treat. One of the biggest obstacles for the affected patients is that they do not “look sick” and most diagnostic studies (including imaging or laboratory values) would be normal. From outward appearances, they look perfectly fine. Nothing could be further […]

Avoiding Healthcare Isn’t Healthy

According to a survey recently conducted by the US Census, 40% of Americans and 38.9% of Hoosiers are delaying medical care. This is bad news for primary care, which focuses on helping manage chronic diseases and prevent illnesses through vaccinations, screenings and other preventative care measures.  If left untreated, chronic […]

For Diabetic Foodies, Delicious Ingredients for Low-Glycemic Cooking

Finding out you have diabetes doesn’t suddenly give you a taste for all things low-carb, and it doesn’t remove your craving for treats. In fact, if you have diabetes, chances are your taste for treats is pretty highly developed. If you tell yourself that having diabetes means you have to […]

Diabetes and Exercise

Pre-diabetics who want to avoid or delay the onset of diabetes should know that  exercise has been show to play a major role in its prevention and control. Both aerobic and strength training help improve insulin action. Since the effect is short term, however, to maintain the improvement, diabetics and […]

Diabetes Lab Tests 101

If your healthcare provider thinks you may have type II diabetes, what tests need to be run to make a diagnosis? If you have type II diabetes, what tests can help you manage your glucose levels? Tests that Diagnose Type 2 Diabetes Your healthcare provider can use 1 or more […]

My Spelling is Slipping – Healthy Aging Brain or Sign of Dementia?

As we age, it’s sometimes difficult to know which changes are normal and which aren’t. We expect the wrinkles and weaker muscles. We don’t like them, but we expect them. Mental changes, however, can be much more alarming. In case you’re worried, these three age-related symptoms are perfectly normal: Some […]