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What is a “board certified” healthcare provider?

The journey to becoming a doctor includes a four year college, four years of medical school, one year of internship and a residency.  The length of residency varies according to the specialty. A family practice residency lasts for three years. An oncology residency lasts five years. A pediatric cardiology residency lasts six years.

After their residency is over, some doctors want to meet an even higher standard. They want to prove that they are experts in their field who have kept up with the latest advances in care and are at the top of their field in terms of knowledge and skill. These are the doctors who become “board certified”.

The organization that designates a doctor as “board certified” is the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS). This organization is 85 years old and has 24 Member Boards. Each Member Board represents a different set of medical specialties. Board certification requires specialty-specific training, as well as passing an extensive exam that tests for knowledge in the specialty.

When evaluating doctors, Board Certification is an important thing to look for. It helps new patients have confidence that they will receive the best care possible from a provider who is among the top in his or her field.

RMH has some doctors who are board certified in more than one field, including Dr. Russell Daugherty, who is certified by both the American Board of Internal Medicine (For Internal Medicine and Focused Practice in Hospital Medicine) and the American Board of Pediatrics. Dr Sahba Charkhzarrin is board certified in Internal Medicine, Pain Medicine and Anesthesia.