Rush Memorial Hospital Continues to Grow!


Construction has begun on the new addition to the Rush Memorial Hospital Imaging Department. The new addition will be behind the hospital next to the ambulance bay. The building will accommodate a new MRI machine that is a stronger magnet/strength to allow for better quality and state of the art images. The location of the new MRI will be much more accommodating and convenient for patients and their families as the current MRI machine is located in the lower level of the Hospital. The goal is to have this new MRI area completed by the end of September, 2017.

In addition to the new construction is the remodeling and updating of the Imaging Department.   This includes replacement of imaging equipment throughout, redoing the hospital’s admitting area, and adding a lab draw room off of the main entrance which will be much more convenient for our patients. The current analog radiographic equipment will be replaced with a new Siemens digital general radiographic unit and then relocated closer to the Emergency Department. The current radiographic/fluoroscopic analog equipment will be replaced with a new Siemens digital unit. Our Siemens Nuclear Medicine and stress testing equipment will be moved from the lower level to the Imaging Department. The Bone Densitometry machine will be moved closer to the Mammography suite in order to accommodate women who have both exams on the same day. To ensure patients are receiving the lower radiation dose possible, a new x-ray dose-monitoring system has been added to all of the x-ray equipment. And lastly, our analog mobile x-ray machine has been replaced with a Siemens digital mobile.

“We are thrilled about the new addition that will allow our department to be all inclusive,” said Jennifer Cupp, Imaging Department Director. “The new MRI, and our new equipment, is very exciting not only for the growth of RMH, but for the benefits this will provide to our community.”

According to RMH President/CEO, Brad Smith, “Not only was it time to replace and upgrade a lot of our Imaging equipment, but a lot of planning took place to make sure our patients had easier access to our services.  The goal was to make sure if our patients needed both labs and imaging that everything was done in one location versus sending patients to opposite ends of the Hospital.” Smith concluded by saying, “I really appreciate the support of the RMH Board of Trustees for their commitment to our hospital, and our community – in making sure we have the most up-to-date equipment and facilities for our patients.”