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RMH’s “Swing Bed” Program- Short-term Nursing Home Care without the Move 

When most people think of checking out of the hospital, they think of going home or going into a nursing home. But what happens if a patient is too sick to go home but only needs short-term skilled nursing care? Going to a nursing home, even for a couple of weeks, can be very stressful.

Fortunately, some hospitals, such as RMH, are able to offer an alternative solution: the “swing bed” program. This program is for patients who are not well enough to go home but not sick enough to remain as a regular inpatient. Their insurance companies are willing to pay for skilled nursing care, but not for an extended hospital stay.

In the “swing bed” program, the patient is allowed to remain at the hospital for up to two weeks, in the same bed, but under a the “swing bed” designation. This designation allows the patient to get the right level of care without having to actually leave the hospital and move into a nursing home facility.

Another benefit of the “swing bed” program is that it allows RMH patients easy access to rehab therapy. This helps them recover from whatever condition they have while acquiring the health and skills they will need to succeed in returning home.

For more information call RMH Discharge Planner Janie Manning at (765) 932-7501