RMH nurses can benefit from federal program

This article first appeared in the Rushville Republican on January 4, 2019. 

As part of an effort to attract and retain more nurses through the year 2020, Rush Memorial Hospital administration worked closely with state and federal officials to secure benefits, such as a student loan repayment.

This federally designated program provides the benefit of loan repayment through the Nurse Corps Loan Repayment Program. In exchange for a two-year commitment to work at healthcare facilities, nurses can apply for government loan forgiveness of their nursing education student loans through Nurse Corps.

Brian Bane, RMH Vice President of Human Resources, worked with a consulting firm to lay the groundwork for loan repayment.

“Our Human Resource Department encourages our nursing staff to apply for this federal program,” Bane said. “With our support through the application process, three of our nurses saw successful outcomes in 2018. Their combined federal awards amounted to $192,496.26 in return for their commitment at Rush Memorial Hospital.”

“We are extremely pleased with this outcome,” Bane continued. “To offer our nurses a program in which the government recognizes the community’s need and shares in the cost of loan repayment is such a huge potential for recruitment.”

Other benefits to healthcare providers and the community include building improvement grants to eligible rural clinics and community eligibility to host foreign-born doctors

For additional information on these benefits, please visit the Rush Memorial Hospital website at or contact Debbie Meek, Human Resource Recruitment and Employment at (765) 932-7486.