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RMH Establishes Key Healthcare Teams

When treating complex healthcare issues, the best approach is often a team approach. RMH is working to provide Rush County with the medical teams necessary to care for our community. Recently, we have completed two very important medical teams, one for orthopedic problems, and one for pain.

For orthopedic issues, we have Hand to Shoulder expert, Dr. Reed Hoyer of Indiana Hand to Shoulder, Hip and Knee specialist, Dr. Jeffrey Ginther, and Foot and Ankle podiatrist, Dr. Jonathan LeSar.

For pain issues, RMH has Pain Management Specialists Dr. Sahba Charkhzarrin and Dr. David Ratzman.

Working in close partnership with these teams is the RMH Rehabilitation Therapy Department which provides rehabilitation care patients need close to home.

Maintaining local healthcare teams does more than provide our community with a convenient location. It also assures that the providers on these teams are able to work in close collaboration by maintaining face to face communication among the various specialists. By keeping patient care personal, our teams are able to focus closely on each patient while working together to reach the best outcome for each individual in their care.