RMH Donates Water Bottles to RCHS

Monday, Oct. 18,  RMH CEO Brad Smith presented 650 refillable water bottles to RCHS Principal Rob Hadley on behalf of the hospital. Since the beginning of the pandemic, school water fountains had to be turned off. As a replacement, water bottle filling stations were installed. The hospital donated the bottles to make sure thirsty students have water to drink throughout the day.

When Principal Hadley thanked Brad for the hospital’s donation, Brad replied, “This is just our way of giving back.” He quickly reminded Principal Hadley of past support hospital staff received from Rush County schools.

At the beginning of the pandemic, when the hospital was desperate for PPE, Matt Vance, Principal Hadley and the combined staff of the Rush County Schools went above and beyond to help protect hospital staff. In the midst of school closings, they took the time to collect and donate masks and hand sanitizer to RMH. The impact of this wasn’t just in what was received, but in the great kindness with which it was given at such a critical time.

RCHS gave a great example of the team spirit of our community. RMH is happy to continue this spirit.