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Reimagining the Sandwich

Nothing is more boring for lunch than packing that same old sandwich day in and day out. So do we ditch the sandwich all together, or reimagine it?

If you want to reimagine your sandwich, here are a few tips:

  • Buy artisan bread. It will have more texture and flavor, as well as more substance to help fill you up. Instead of being a “frame” for the filling, artisan bread can be part of the attraction.
  • Browse the condiment aisle. Condiments have come a long way from yellow mustard, mayonnaise and ketchup. Spicy, sweet, strong flavored and mild, the range of flavors runs the gamut. Try one new condiment a week until you find some new favorites. If you can’t find one you love, try using salad dressing or flavored hummus in the place of a condiment.
  • Get out of the sliced meat “box” and try other forms of protein. Again, you’re aiming for texture, flavor and substance. Slice up some leftover meat, broil a piece of fish (yes, some fish is delicious served cold) or buy a couple of gourmet cheeses you haven’t tried before.
  • Skip the dill pickles and iceberg lettuce. Try fresh spinach instead of lettuce or sliced fresh cucumbers instead of pickles.

Each time you replace a “same old, same old” ingredient with food that is fresher, less processed and more flavorful, you’ll bringing your boring old sandwich one step closer to “wow”.