Primary Care Providers Help Patients Maintain Wellness 

Primary Care Providers Help Patients Maintain Wellness 

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While it’s easy to get tired of the “same old” advice to eat well, exercise, and get enough sleep, these wellness basics are much easier to live with than a series of escalating healthcare issues resulting from years of neglect. Obesity, inactivity and a lack of sleep put the body under continual stress, leading to pain, decreased function and, in many cases, premature death.  

Staying healthy, however, is a continual challenge. While being fit may be easier than a lifetime of disease, it’s still not easy to achieve. It’s even harder to achieve alone.  

A good primary care provider is the most important person on your “wellness team”. You need someone you can count on to: 

  • Know your family history 
  • Monitor how your health changes from year to year 
  • Warn you of developing risk factors 
  • Make sure you get the screenings you need to be forewarned of developing disease 
  • Intervene early in the disease process, when treatment is most likely to succeed 
  • Refer you to the appropriate medical specialists when necessary 

Whatever your current level of fitness, your primary care provider can support you through the lifestyle changes needed to regain or maintain your health.  

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