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6 Tips for Medication Safety  

  • When taking a medication, if you miss one dose, don’t double up on the next one. In some cases, more can be worse than not enough. 
  • If you don’t take all of a prescription, don’t save the rest for “later”. This can cause all sorts of negative consequences that only your healthcare provider or pharmacist can foresee. 
  • Make sure you can read the label and instructions on a medication bottle before leaving the pharmacy. 
  • Keep medications out of reach of children. Pain medications, in particular, are the most frequently reported cause of poisoning deaths among children that are reported to Poison Control. 
  • Don’t ever increase your dose of a medication without permission from your healthcare provider. Doing so won’t make your medication work faster and it might make things worse. 
  • Don’t share your medications with anyone else. A drug or dose that is good for one person can harm another person. If this happens, you could be held responsible.