Lifespan Isn’t Just Diet and Exercise 

Lifespan Isn’t Just Diet and Exercise 

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In 2004 researchers identified four areas in the world where people enjoyed significantly longer life spans. In these areas, known as “Blue Zones”, people not only lived longer, they also remained active, healthy and independent longer.  

Researchers noticed that a plant-based diet and routine physical activity weren’t the only things that set these communities apart.  

Here are some of the things that Blue Zones had in common.  

  • Their culture had a religious or spiritual orientation 
  • The elderly had a purpose in life.  
  • They had strong social networks that included the elderly as an integral part of the community.  
  • The old and the young had strong family connections and often lived together.  
  • Ways to relieve stress were part of the culture.  

Not everyone can live to be 100 but any one of these practices can help add years to the average American lifespan.