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Is fish really that good for us?

For a food that rarely has a strong flavor (at least when fresh), fish leaves people with surprisingly strong opinions. They seem to either love it or hate it. Fish lovers welcome the news that fish, and fatty fish in particular, are heart healthy foods. Fish haters, on the other hand, either downplay the health benefits of fish or take fish oil supplements in order to “have their cake and eat it (or not) too”.

Is fish really that good for us? Yes, according to research, it is. The American Heart Association recommends eating two servings of fish a week. There is a catch, however. Some types of fish contain high levels of mercury, which is toxic. So when eating fish, focus on the types that are both high in healthy omega 3 fatty acids and low in mercury, such as canned light or skipjack tuna and salmon. Canned white or ablacore tuna has higher levels of mercury and shouldn’t be eaten more than once a week.