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Free Active Brain Apps 

Looking for a way to keep your brain active? Here are a few suggestions of apps that can help with learning a language, solving puzzles, manipulating numbers or building memory. 

Learning a New Language 

Do you speak Klingon? Or High Valyrian? 
Star Trek and Game of Thrones fans young and old may be interested to know that Duolingo, the popular, free language learning app, offers free lessons in both fictional languages. Those interested in travel, or learning to speak with friends from abroad, may be interested in one of the 34 other languages offered by Duolingo.  

Brain Teasers 

Does solving an “out of the box” brain teaser give you a thrill? 
The funny, app, “Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles” has over 3 million downloads. Ads are included but the app itself is free.  


Are number puzzles your “thing”? 
The title says is all for the “Best Sudoko (Free)” app. This sudoku app has a 4.7 star rating with over 174,000 downloads.  

Vocabulary Builder 

Prefer to expand your mind by expanding your vocabulary? 
The “Vocabulary Builder-Test Prep” by Magoosh is used by students prepping to take tests for entrance into advanced education. For the rest of us, however, the app has basic and intermediate levels. Players progress from simpler to more complicated quizzes as their vocabulary level increases.  

Playing Detective 

Did you miss your calling to the life of a hard-boiled detective? The app “Murder Mystery-Detective Investigation Story” has ads and in-app purchases but the game itself is free. This game offers multiple criminal cases to solve as you discover clues, analyze crime scenes and interrogate characters.